What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

A traumatic car accident can turn your life upside-down in an instant. Unfortunately, it’s just the beginning of a long and difficult road. In the aftermath of your crash, navigating the claims process, dealing with an insurance adjuster, and facing unfair accusations can feel impossible. That’s where a car accident attorney comes in. 

A lawyer provides legal representation and support. They’ll also guide you through every step of your case, handling all negotiations and fighting on your behalf. Here’s what you should know about the role of a lawyer after a serious accident.

Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation

A car accident attorney’s role begins with your initial consultation. This first meeting will involve listening to your story, asking questions, and carefully evaluating your case. The lawyer will let you know if you have a case. They will also review possible legal options, answer questions you may have, and help you understand laws that apply. 

At the end of the consultation, you should have a good idea of the next steps you will need to take and whether you want the lawyer to represent you. 

A car accident attorney gives you the legal guidance and insight you need to make informed decisions about your case. As your advocate, your lawyer will work in your best interests and help you understand their strategy and any issues your case may have. 

This guidance can also protect you from making mistakes that may harm your case. Your lawyer will handle all communications and advise you on steps to take or actions to avoid as your case unfolds. 

Investigate Your Auto Accident and Gather Evidence 

To recover compensation, your lawyer must build a strong case that proves negligence and legal liability. This involves an in-depth investigation of your crash, how it happened, and why. 

Your lawyer will identify all parties who may be responsible for your accident. This is not always as obvious as it may seem. For example, if a defective product like an airbag or brakes contributed to the accident, a manufacturer may be liable. In truck accidents, multiple parties may share liability

An experienced attorney pursues many forms of evidence, which may include: 

  • Physical evidence and damage to the vehicles
  • Photographs of the crash scene
  • Medical records and photos of your injuries
  • Accident and police reports
  • Citations issued in the crash
  • Witness statements
  • Truck driver logs and commercial truck maintenance logs
  • Subpoenaed cell phone records
  • Traffic camera and dash cam footage
  • Reports from expert witnesses

The stronger the evidence, the harder it is for the defense to deny liability or shift blame. This strengthens your attorney’s position to negotiate a fair settlement

Work With Experts

Your lawyer may work with many types of experts to provide testimony about: 

  • How an accident happened
  • The cause of your injuries
  • The severity of your injuries, prognosis, and impact
  • Medical care you will need in the future
  • The cost of your future lost earnings and employment benefits if you can’t return to work

Medical professionals, accident reconstruction specialists, economists, and others may be consulted to strengthen your case in many ways. If your case is complicated or you suffered severe injuries, this expert testimony may be crucial to proving liability and your damages. 

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

The next step comes when your lawyer understands the value of your case and you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI). Your injury lawyer will prepare the settlement demand for the insurance company. This is a detailed, formal demand letter, including an overview of the facts and legal argument. It also gives details of your medical expenses and damages. 

The letter demands a dollar amount in compensation. Generally, this is the beginning of negotiations. 

Your lawyer will handle all communications and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. The goal is reaching a fair settlement out of court that compensates you as fully as possible.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit If Necessary

Even with a strong case and an experienced negotiator, sometimes negotiations are not successful. If a settlement agreement can’t be reached, your lawyer will take the next step: filing a lawsuit

As your case proceeds, your lawyer will oversee many things: 

As your court date approaches, your lawyer will continue working with the insurance company. Most personal injury cases settle rather than reaching a jury verdict, although this may not happen until the discovery process. Unless a settlement can be reached, your lawyer will present your case to a jury. 

An Experienced Gainesville Car Accident Lawyer At Allen Law Firm, P.A. Will Protect Your Right to Fair Compensation

At every step of your case, your lawyer’s job is to protect your rights and act as your advocate. They will defend you from insurance company tactics and pursue the fair compensation you need. 

If you have been hurt in a car accident, we are here to help you. Contact Allen Law Firm, P.A. for a free case review with a Gainesville car accident lawyer. We will help you understand your options and what we can do for you.

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