Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers Gainesville & Ocala Staff

Ginny Allen

Client Care/Insurance Specialist

Ginny Allen

Ginny graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism (Public Relations) from the University of Florida in 1981 and began a career with Nationwide Insurance in 1982.

Throughout her twenty-five-year claims career with Nationwide, she handled and managed various types of cases including personal injury, medical, auto, homeowner, and commercial claims, and also served as a state-wide litigation manager.

While working at Nationwide, she attended many mediations and trials as the designated corporate representative. She also worked on several catastrophe teams, assisting policyholders after storms and hurricanes. She holds the professional designations AIC (Associate in Claims) and CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriting).

Ginny is a cancer fighter/survivor after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2007 and is currently in remission. She is active in many community events and local charity fundraising activities. She has an extreme appreciation for life and loves helping clients work through their difficulties and challenges and is the steady promoter of the firm’s philosophy of sincere client focus and care.

Ginny is married to Bill, her high school sweetheart, and they are the proud parents of two adult children, Amanda and Will, and son-in-law Charlie Burchfield, and grandparents to two pretty cute grandkids!

Tim Brinkley

Case Resolution Manager

Tim Brinkley

Tim joined Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers in 2011. He is a native Floridian. He is originally from South Florida, but now considers Gainesville his home. Tim graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1988 with his B.A. in Corporate Management. He has an Associate in Claims (AIC) designation and has been a licensed Claims Adjuster for over 25 years.

Tim has over 35 years of experience with bodily injury work and has been a licensed Claims Adjuster for over 25 years. Tim works as our case resolution manager to help our clients receive the best possible result for their case. He serves as a negotiator with insurance companies and is constantly reviewing cases and speaking with insurance adjusters to maximize results for clients. Tim loves getting the chance to help people who truly need it.

Before joining Allen Law in 2011, Tim had worked in the insurance field for 23 years and dealt with all types of insurance claims. His experience with insurance companies taught him many of the skills he uses at Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, including the unique trait of being able to recognize the value of an injury claim. His years of experience taught him to be relentless in the pursuit of a resolution, and he uses this to guarantee insurance companies pay the appropriate amount for a client’s case. When he’s not working on getting clients the best result, Tim is probably enjoying a sports game or spending time with his wife and two children.

Adamarie Keeton

Fiscal Manager

Adamarie Keeton

Adamarie uses many talents in settlements and negotiations of medical balances at Allen Law. Like her sister, Ginny Allen, she loved growing up in the small town of Bronson, Florida. She holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Florida and was a science teacher for many years while she and her husband Jim started and ran their own company, BK Cypress Log Homes, in Bronson, Florida.

After running her own company for so many years, Adamarie thoroughly enjoys customer care and now loves anticipating and answering our clients’ needs and questions.  

Allison Seymour

Settlement Manager

Allison Seymour

Allison is a University of Florida graduate and settlement manager who works hard to negotiate our clients’ medical bills with insurance companies. Allison ensures that all medical balances are paid before a case is settled and that there are no issues with the medical bills. She is never afraid to push insurance companies to get the maximum result for clients.

Allison started working at Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers in 2018 and she came here with years of experience in medical billing and records. She spent 4 years working in the healthcare industry during and after earning her degree in health care administration. Her years of work in the field made her an expert in handling clients’ bills. If she’s not working, Allison will likely be training for her next half-marathon or hanging out with her two rescue dogs and husband.

Faith Henry

Intake Manager

Faith Henry

Faith is an Ohio State University graduate in Health Administration. In her role at the firm, she supervises our intake team to ensure front line support for our clients in their most crucial time of need. Faith is devoted to educating our clients about their cases and to building strong relationships with others. She also supports our attorneys to get them engaged at the forefront of every case to ensure the best course of action for our clients.

Prior to joining our firm, Faith  worked in the legal field for 5 years as a paralegal in which time she developed an appreciation for clients and families that have been affected by loss or injury. During her downtime, Faith enjoys fitness and all things outdoors. Her personal experiences have given her a deeper appreciation for her clients and have instilled in her the supportive nature that is necessary during difficult times.

Sally McConn

Director of Marketing

Sally McConn - Allen Law Firm, P.A.

Sally is a graduate from the University of Florida College of Journalism with a degree in Telecommunications.  At the firm, her focus is creating the best experience for our clients from the very beginning of their engagement with the team. She is our key conduit to the community in the North Florida area where she supports firm events and partnership with small local businesses.

She leads out engagement with the local motorcycle, veteran and Christian communities.  Prior to her joining the firm in 2021, Sally has had valuable experience in customer service, sales and strategic marketing.

Nicole Talcik

Senior Paralegal

Nicole Talcik

Nicole is a graduate of Liberty University and serves our team as a Senior Paralegal. IN her role, she is dedicated to providing personal attention and compassion to our clients and their families. She assists with all aspects in the process of a case, whether that is writing a demand or working on a mediation statement. Most importantly, Nicole works to get our clients exactly where they need to be in their case. She has an innate ability to look at a set of information and create a plan of action for clients and our attorneys.

Nicole is a member of the Florida Bar Association as a Florida Registered Paralegal. 

Tra Schuler

Paralegal and Property Damage Specialist

Tra Schuler - Allen Law Firm, P.A.

Tra a Saint Leo University graduate in computer information systems.  He has been with the firm for over 10 years and in his current role of property damage specialist, he offers our clients a unique, personalized assistance every step of the way with needs related to vehicle damage as a result of their personal injury claim.

He is a key asset of our intake team and ensures repairs are completed properly on a client’s vehicle, arranges rental services,  and negotiates settlements on total loss vehicles. Prior to joining the firm, Tra served the Alachua County Clerk of Court, an experience that allows him to better help and relate to our clients. When he’s not at the office, Tra is spending all his free time with his wife and son.

He coaches his son’s youth basketball team and enjoys the opportunity to pour into the next generation.

Greg Webb


Greg Webb - Allen Law Firm, P.A.

Greg is a paralegal who manages clients’ cases in their entirety until a settlement is reached or it goes on to litigation. He serves as one of the main points of contact for clients and loves being able to secure great results for clients. He prides himself in his ability to navigate complex client cases.

Greg brought many valuable years of experience in the insurance industry with him when he joined Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers in 2021. He previously handled insurance coverage of catastrophic injuries, and he uses the knowledge gained during his career in the insurance field to approach cases strategically and effectively.

Lauren Rice


Lauren Rice - Allen Law Firm, P.A.

As a case manager/paralegal, Lauren guides clients through the process of handling insurance issues and receiving medical treatment. Lauren loves being able to help clients understand the complex process of filing a case and ensuring every client knows the rights that are entitled to them. Her favorite part of the job is being able to see clients heal from their injuries and move on with their lives.

Lauren has a wide-range of experience in different, but extremely relevant, fields. Before joining the legal industry, she worked as a journalist in New Mexico and a photographer across Florida. Lauren then switched to work in insurance, which gave her knowledge on handling injury claims that she uses here at Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers.

Ashley Ranslow


Ashley Ranslow - Allen Law Firm, P.A.

Ashley is a University of Florida graduate from the class of  2011. In her role at the firm she serves our clients as a  paralegal who guides them through the  process of handling their claims and receiving treatment for any injuries. Prior to joining our team she  had  several  years of experience in the insurance industry and now uses her experience with liability claims to pursue the best possible results for our clients. Ashely finds joy in building relationships with clients and helping them recover every step of the way.

While Ashley’s extensive professional experience lays the groundwork for her in providing care for our clients, her personal life also shapes her professional approach, too. Ashley is a passionate wife and mother, who loves keeping active with her family, whether it be camping in the Appalachian Mountains or horseback riding here in Gainesville. Ashley’s professional strengths combined with her personal attributes allow her to provide outstanding support to our clients and to the Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers team.

Cari Sterling


Cari is a paralegal who is always working on the best possible plan for clients’ cases. She loves working with clients and being able to give them relief during stressful periods of the injury claim process.

Cari prioritizes client care and works hard to maintain excellent communication even when the situation may be challenging. Cari has spent years perfecting the ability to make any client happy, before joining Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers she handled many types of law, including personal injury. She also spent 15 years working in the education field, which provided her with a great understanding of the psychology of a person that aids her in working with clients today.

Cari loves to travel whenever possible, and when she’s not doing that she’s likely advocating for various human rights causes.

Kelly Webb


Kelly Webb - Allen Law Firm, P.A.

Kelly is a paralegal who provides exceptional care to a clients’ claim. Kelly ensures that our clients stay up-to-date on their case and that they are happy and satisfied with the whole claim process.

She has a sharp attention to detail that helps her add a unique touch to all the cases she handles. Kelly’s background in management led her to become the skilled and personable paralegal she is today. She brings this experience with her and it shines through in all her work.

Shea Bain

Gainesville Personal Injury Legal Assistant Shea Bain

Shea is a legal assistant, but is hands-on in every department at Allen Law. There is not a problem that Shea won’t be able to solve, and she makes sure that the highest possible outcome is reached in every task she handles. Shea primarily handles cases that go into litigation, and is always eager to help the litigation team wherever they need it. Shea is one of the friendly voices who might greet you on the phone and loves working with clients and the Allen Law team.

Shea brings a wealth of knowledge from the customer service field. From her previous jobs, she learned how to communicate with people from all backgrounds, and uses this skill everyday as a leal assistant for Allen Law.

Ruth Browning

Legal Assistant

Ruth Browning

Ruth is a legal assistant who focuses on writing demand letters for clients. Ruth is a skilled writer and assists the Allen Law team whenever something needs to be written, from a mediation to negotiation. Ruth loves taking on new and unfamiliar tasks at the law firm so she can challenge herself and grow as a writer and worker.

Ruth has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Business Administration with a focus on health care. While attending college, Ruth worked in customer service and provided home care for individuals with disabilities.

Anthony Allie

Legal Assistant

Anthony Allie

As a legal assistant for Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, Anthony handles matters related to medical records and billing. He spends a lot of his time tracking down and ordering medical records so that the law firm can ensure we are covering all the parts of a client’s case. Anthony is an incredibly organized and efficient member of the team and it shows through in his work and attention to detail.

Before joining the team in 2015, Anthony was the office manager for one of the largest family law firms in the state of Colorado. He enjoys the client care emphasis of our firm as his previous management experience included responsibility for client satisfaction.

Eduardo Rondon

Legal Assistant

Ocala Personal Injury Legal Assistant Eduardo Rondon

Eduardo is a University of Florida graduate and a legal assistant  who is fluent in Spanish, French, and English. Eduardo helps to collect all the many working pieces of a client’s case together so that our team can approach the case in the best possible way. Eduardo has the exceptional ability to understand and relate to all kinds of clients and serve them uniquely and effectively. He loves the close-knit, family environment at the law firm and how everyone is so willing to help each other whenever needed.

Eduardo joined Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers with a background in personal injury law, where he got the chance to experience all the different roles people take on in the field. His prior work experience taught him how to help clients with a personal touch. Eduardo loves to keep busy when he’s not at work, and you might find him playing tennis or pickleball, or updating his food and travel blog.

Kim Mitchell

Intake Specialist

Kim Mitchell - Allen Law Firm, P.A.

Kim has a bachelors of science in Medical Office Management and currently serves as an intake specialist at the firm. Kim loves the opportunity to help people and is an excellent listener. She works closely with our attorney to best guide our clients’ case from the start.

Kim’s past experience in family, criminal, and patent law, provide her the foundation she has today to support the firm’s clients. These work experiences also taught her how to balance different and complex roles at the same time.

Jasmine Munoz

Intake Specialist

Allen Law Firm Intake Specialist Jasmine Munoz

Jasmine is an intake specialist fluent in both Spanish and English. She spends the majority of her day on the phone with clients, so if you call Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers you might be greeted by Jasmine’s kind and outgoing personality. She is responsible for gathering all the information our attorneys need at the beginning of a case, and as a result, will dedicate time to truly get to know a client.

Jasmine has over 5 years of experience in personal injury law, which familiarized her with all the steps of the legal process. From this, as well as her years in the customer service industry, Jasmine is an excellent communicator and can handle any situation thrown her way.

Nicole Daniell

Intake Specialist

Nicole Daniell - Allen Law Firm, P.A.

Nicole works with clients new to Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers to help facilitate the set-up of their files and does all the groundwork with insurance companies for our clients’ cases. Nicole loves that she gets to ensure a client’s case is carried out with ease and success for both our team and our clients.

Nicole has a strong creative mindset, which she incorporates in her role as intake specialist in every way possible by enhancing and expanding our workplace.


ALF Firm Mascot


Dexter was our mascot here at the Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers for 12 beautiful years, and recently traveled over the rainbow bridge to Doggy Heaven. He loved to swim and was often found chasing tennis balls or Frisbees in the backyard. He graduated from J&K Canine Academy in 2015, and pursued further training in the field of obedience. He was considered an expert in his field.

He loved opening doors with his nose and visited ALF regularly to greet the staff and clients. He was often featured on billboards and commercials, and was the lead negotiator on the contract for large milk bones, as opposed to the medium-size ones that used to be provided to all dogs who visit ALF.  Dexter is dearly missed by the Allen’s and the ALF staff, but his memory will live on forever.

You can read about our attorneys and Bill’s Gator connection here.