Hundreds Of Millions Recovered In Verdicts And Settlements For Our Clients!

8 Figure Settlement

Motor Vehicle Fatality Accident

8 figure motor vehicle fatality litigated settlement.


Motorcycle Litigated Settlement

$2,800,000 paid following litigated motorbike accident.


Pedestrian Accident

$2,500,000 paid following litigated pedestrian fatality.


Child Injuries

$2,150,000 litigation settlement of minor child devastating injuries inflicted by fellow student.


Motorcycle Accident

$1,300,000 insurance coverage limit paid following litigated motorbike accident.


Car Accident

$1,225, 000 settlement plus personal contribution of at-fault driver following litigation of injuries and accident with a motorcyclist.


Rear-end Accident

$1,100,000 settlement involving fatality in rear-end accident


Personal Injury

$1,045,000 settlement following litigation of physical injuries and accident involving 79-year-old widow.


T-Bone Injury

$940,000 settlement of serious injuries and accident involving t-bone impact from at-fault driver running stop sign.


School Bus Accident

$900,000 settlement following litigation of injuries and accident involving school bus turning into path of a motorcyclist.


Fatal Car Accident

$800,000 settlement on eve of trial involving fatality of client struck by uninsured driver.


Car Accident

$592,500 litigated settlement following a car accident case.


Car Accident

$300,000 auto accident policy limit settlement.


Car Accident

$300,000 litigated auto accident policy limit paid.

Thousands of cases of insurance policy limits paid through settlement or trial