About the Allen Law Firm, P.A.

Ginny Allen and Bill Allen

In February of 2007, husband and wife team Bill and Ginny Allen took a leap of faith and ended their long, well-established careers to open Allen Law Firm.

With sincere and willing hearts, Bill and Ginny knew that it was time to combine their extensive experience and talents to establish a law firm that was different.

The Allens wanted to build their firm on the foundation of their substantial backgrounds in law and insurance and their driving motivation to help others.

Today, Allen Law Firm, P.A. looks much different than those early years. The firm has experienced steady growth and expansion and has multiplied substantially.

In addition to the Gainesville location, the firm opened an Ocala office in 2010 and currently handles cases throughout the state.

Our Mission Statement

To glorify God by serving injured people extraordinarily well, thereby becoming the best versions of our professional selves.

Bill Allen

While there is no requirement that our staff members embrace religious beliefs at the Allen Law Firm, the mission statement does reflect the heartfelt and personal commitment of Bill and Ginny Allen. However, regardless of religious beliefs, the Firm does require that all staff members have a strong commitment to helping and serving others.

As a firm, we are committed to having a positive impact on every person with whom we come into contact – every client, co-worker, witness, vendor and court personnel, etc.

We know that this does not mean that we can or will always make everyone happy. Our job as attorneys and counselors of law sometimes requires telling others things they do not want to hear. But, we believe that an honest assessment and evaluation of a case or possible outcome ultimately does make a positive difference and positive impact on our client’s lives.  

Our clients can also rest assured that our attorneys will always aggressively pursue their case to the best of their abilities and will be tenacious in pursuing the absolute best possible recovery through settlement or trial. And, that as a firm, we will always act with integrity in every endeavor or pursuit.  

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