Why Our Firm?

Why Should You Hire Allen Law Firm?

  1. We have recovered huge sums for clients over many decades.
  2. We handle cases throughout Florida. Statewide says it all.
  3. We handle a wide variety of cases. Car accidents and accidents of all types. Wrongful death. Worker’s Compensation cases and on the job injuries.  Medical malpractice. Insurance coverage disputes. Motorcycle accidents. Insurance claim denials and disputes. Insurance bad faith. Property damage. Aircraft crashes. And much more.  If we don’t personally handle it, we can direct you to the right attorney or firm who does.  At no cost to you.
  4. Our friendly and caring team members are easy to talk to.  We are available to speak with you 24/7/365.  Every day of the year.  Even on holidays!  We‘re always open.
  5. You choose how you want to communicate with us. Phone. Chat. Email. Video. Or we will show up at your door if necessary. Let us know!
  6. We can communicate with you in your language. English, Spanish, German and others.
  7. All paperwork can be handled electronically now. While we would love to meet you in person, with our state of the art computer, video, and communication systems, you do not ever need come into the office during these uncertain times.
  8. We actually like our clients and enjoy speaking with them.  Many of them are now our friends and continue to stay in touch and follow us.
  9. We will keep you regularly updated as to your case and be available for consultation whenever you have a question or concern. 
  10. We are unique in that we have a large number of highly skilled former claims managers and adjusters on staff. We know the insurance business. From all sides. Collectively, we have hundreds of years of insurance experience.
  11. Let us handle your accident, property (car) damage, or other insurance claim or claims dispute from beginning to end.  We take the stress and drudge work out of this process for you.
  12. We have multiple Florida offices with more on the way.

What if we don’t handle your type of case?

  1. No attorney, group of attorneys, or law firm can do everything.  But our clients have asked us to try. So if necessary, we will refer you to the right attorney or firms using our extensive referral network of highly skilled and motivated attorneys. We personally vet each attorney and get to know them personally.
  2. There are certain areas of law where it makes sense to stream cases of a certain type to a specialist.  But often these specialists are hard to find. Even for us.  Please let us help you avoid the misery and drudgework of trying to find the right attorney for your potential case.
  3. After making a referral, we don’t stop there. We actively monitor the case for you and with you.  From beginning to end.  We understand that cases need to be brought a conclusion quickly and efficiently whenever possible.  We are with you and available for consultation throughout the representation 24/7/365. Even on holidays. 

Gainesville Personal Injury Law Firm Review

Gainesville Personal Injury Law Firm Review

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