Exploring the Causes and Effects of Brain Stem Injuries

The brain stem is located in the posterior region of the brain. It serves as the main connective trunk between the brain and the spinal column in mammals, including human beings. This vital piece of human physiology controls various bodily functions, including breathing, digestion, and… read more

Is there a Difference Between a Lawyer and an Attorney?

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What Exactly Can a Process Server Do to Serve Papers?

Some legal documents must be served on the individuals named in the lawsuit. In a personal injury case, the initial complaint must be served on the defendant. The defendant is the person or party being sued for damages. A personal injury lawsuit begins with the… read more

Highest Paid Types of Lawyers: Must Read

A common misconception among non-lawyers is that all lawyers are rich. Many lawyers dedicate their careers to public service work or non-profit advocacy. They earn reasonable salaries. But the practice of law can be a lucrative career, particularly for ambitious specialists. The list of the… read more

What Happens If I Skip Jury Duty?

One of the most important civic responsibilities American citizens have is jury duty. Trials by a jury of one’s peers are one of the building blocks of a successful democracy – one that citizens are required to participate in. Both defendants charged with crimes and… read more

What is a Res Ipsa Loquitur?

Res Ipsa Loquitur is a legal theory that can help individuals recover the compensation they deserve after an injury caused by another person. The translation of the term is “the thing speaks for itself.” If you file a personal injury lawsuit regarding an accident or… read more

Are Hidden Nanny Cams Actually Legal in Florida?

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Blunt Force Head Trauma – Cause And Effect

Individuals can sustain a variety of injuries in a Gainesville accident. Head trauma is one of the most common types of accident injuries. They can also be some of the worst and most debilitating injuries you can sustain in an accident.  Blunt force head trauma… read more

What to Wear to Court

Individuals who attend court hearings regularly are familiar with what to wear to court. Lawyers, attorneys, court employees, and victim’s advocates understand court attire. However, jurors, witnesses, and parties to the case may not be aware of court standards for attire.  Most Florida courts have… read more

Five Reasons a Lawyer Won’t Take Your Personal Injury Case

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What Happens if I Don’t Show Up for Jury Duty?

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What is the Difference Between Lawyer and Attorney?

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