How Safe Are Motor Scooters in Ocala?

Motor scooters have become more popular, especially in urban areas where traffic congestion and parking can be challenging. Motor scooters cost less to operate and maintain than a vehicle, and can be more convenient than public transportation. For longer trips, a motor scooter is more… read more

Motorcycle Safety Awareness: Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

May is the month when the public is encouraged to observe Motorcycle Safety Awareness. The warm spring weather is perfect for motorcycles to hit the road. Despite constant reminders to riders and drivers to stay safe and share the road, accidents can still occur. If… read more

Steps to Take After A Motorcycle Accident: Part 2

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Steps to Take After A Motorcycle Accident: Part 1

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. Groups across the country will be hosting events throughout this month that highlight safety measures that should be taken when riding a motorcycle. These events provide important information that can keep everybody on the road safe, including pedestrians. Yet,… read more