How Long Does the Claim Process Take?

When you’ve had an auto accident, the claim process can be more stressful than the actual event. There are a lot of different factors and people involved and often, the insurance companies can take longer than necessary to process a claim. So, how long does it actually take? It depends.

What is the claim?
An insurance claim is a formal request to an insurance company asking for a payment based on the terms of that insurance policy.

How is a claim filed?
Your attorney may file the claim on our behalf, but most often, a claim is filed over the telephone. Some insurance companies require the claim to be submitted by a specific agent, filed online or even through a smartphone app. When a claim is filed, the basic information is needed in order to get it reported and assigned to an adjuster.

How long will a claim take to obtain a settlement?
This all depends on the complexity of a claim. The actual filing will only take a few minutes. If the claim is an auto accident, for example, where only one car was damaged and no one was injured, the claim might be settled in a number of days.

In general, insurance companies advertise quick settlements as a part of their customer service initiative, but this can only be an effective practice f there is agreement on the value of the ‘damages’. Most insurance companies stay in business by paying the smallest amount possible to settle a claim.

For injury claims, ‘damages’ may not be easily calculated in the event of surgeries or months of evaluation and treatment. If there is a claim where everyone does not agree on who is at fault, or what the actual damages are, it can take many months to settle. Sometimes, if parties are far apart in their evaluations of the value of a claim, settlement can only occur through litigation. A good insurance company will settle all portions of a claim that they can, by making fair offers.

If you were involved in an accident and wish to file a claim, speak with us at Allen Law. We can discuss the steps needed to settle a claim in a quick and timely manner and discuss potential issues and challenges that your individual case may have.

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