Vehicle and Driver Requirements For Uber and Lyft in Florida

Cities like Miami, Ocala, and Jacksonville are but a few places in the Sunshine State where you are bound to find rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. For many people in these and other cities, it is impossible to think about getting around town without ridesharing, and ridesharing does not benefit just passengers. 

Qualified drivers who sign up and are accepted to drive for either Uber or Lyft can earn extra money by providing rides to paying customers. As rideshare demand continues unabated, the demand for drivers will also continue. However, not every individual who wants to drive for Uber or Lyft will be able to do so. 

Both companies have requirements that drivers and their vehicles must meet before they will be allowed to drive for either company. These requirements are meant to help assure passengers that the driver providing them with a ride is safe and trustworthy. Here is what you need to know about the requirements to drive for Uber and Lyft in Florida.

Driving For Uber in Florida

If you are wondering how to become an Uber driver, it’s helpful to first understand the basic eligibility requirements for yourself and your vehicle. You will need to be able to provide documentation for the following:

Driver Requirements

To meet Uber driver requirements, you must be legally able to drive in Florida and possess a valid driver’s license. This means that your driver’s license must be issued by the State of Florida. You are not permitted to drive for Uber in Florida if you have a license from another state, even if it is valid. 

You are also not eligible to drive for Uber if your Florida driver’s license is revoked or suspended for any reason. Additionally, if you are searching “how old to drive Uber,” you will find that you will need to meet the minimum legal age to drive in your specific area. 

For example, the legal age to drive in Florida is 18 years. However, if your city requires you to be older to drive, you must meet that age limit before Uber will let you drive as well.

You must also have had experience as a licensed driver. Uber measures this based on the amount of time you have been a licensed driver. If you are over the age of 25, then you must have been a licensed driver for at least one year. You can drive for Uber if you are younger than 25, but to do so, you will need to have three years of driving experience.

Finally, you must have valid insurance if you will be using your own vehicle to drive for Uber. You will also have to successfully pass a background check that examines your motor vehicle record and your criminal history. 

A record of violent or sexual crimes will prevent you from driving passengers for Uber, as will a more recent history of significant traffic offenses like driving under the influence.

Vehicle Requirements

You do not need to have your own vehicle to drive for Uber. You can rent a vehicle as long as the vehicle comes from a rental company approved by Uber. Otherwise, you will need to provide your own vehicle that is insured if you want to drive and earn money for Uber. 

The Uber car requirements are relatively straightforward. In order for it to be used for Uber, your car must:

  • Be 16 years old or newer
  • Have four doors
  • Have five factory-installed seats with seat belts, including the driver’s
  • Be in good working order with no major cosmetic defects
  • Be insured

Uber has varying levels of service, such as UberX and Uber XL. If you intend to provide rides under any of these programs, your vehicle must meet additional requirements.

What You Need To Drive For Lyft in Florida

Like Uber, Lyft has requirements that drivers and their vehicles must meet before they are allowed to offer rides through the platform. Although Lyft’s driver requirements are similar to Uber’s, there are certain differences. These differences include the following:

Driver Requirements

First, you are not permitted to be a driver for Lyft if you are under 25 years old. This is different from Uber, which merely requires that you be of legal age to drive. 

Additionally, unlike Uber, Lyft does not require you to have any minimum number of years of driving experience before you are permitted to drive for the platform. Lyft allows you to drive as long as you have a valid license to do so. That license can either be from a different state or even a temporary license.

However, Lyft will require you to undergo a background check as part of the application process. Like Uber’s check, Lyft’s background check looks for convictions for crimes of physical or sexual violence and major driving violations.

Vehicle Requirements

Lyft will also allow you to rent a car from Hertz and then use that vehicle to offer rides on the Lyft platform. Otherwise, your personal vehicle will need to meet Lyft’s requirements for you to work for the company. 

For Lyft, your vehicle must:

  • Be of the 2012 model year or newer
  • Have four doors
  • Have five to eight seats in the vehicle with seat belts, including one for the driver
  • Not be a prohibited subcompact car
  • Have insurance coverage

Lyft does not require that your vehicle be registered in Florida. As long as it has valid registration in any state, you will be permitted to drive it for Lyft.

Similar to Uber, Lyft has different levels of service, including Lyft Black. If you wish to use your vehicle for this service, then your vehicle must meet more stringent criteria.

Getting Started With Ridesharing in Florida

Whether you work for Uber or Lyft in Florida, you will need to meet certain requirements before you will be allowed to make money with either platform. Ensuring contractors meet these requirements helps Lyft and Uber ensure passengers are safe and enjoy a consistent experience while using either platform. Always keep in mind that, should you encounter an issue with ridesharing in Florida, a lawyer with experience in Uber or Lyft accidents can be a valuable resource.

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