How Trucking Accidents Differ From Car Accidents

It may surprise you to learn that there are several similarities between car accidents and crashes involving commercial trucks in Florida. For example, both types of wrecks can result in injuries and fatalities. 

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, in 2021, there were 842 crashes involving passenger cars that resulted in fatalities and another 5,262 that caused incapacitating injuries. Similarly, 28 fatal wrecks involved a medium or heavy commercial truck, and 124 collisions resulted in injuries.

But there are significant differences between car accidents and trucking accidents. Understanding the key distinguishing features between the two types of accidents can help you appreciate the greater need for immediate action after a truck crash in Florida.

3 Key Differences Between Car Crashes and Truck Collisions

While car accidents and truck wrecks share similar consequences, those results can differ vastly in their severity and number. Three crucial differences that distinguish trucking accidents and car accidents include:

1. Truck Crashes Result in More Fatalities To Passenger Car Occupants

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, of the 4,714 truck crashes that resulted in at least one fatality in 2021, a passenger car occupant was killed in 68 percent of these accidents. In contrast, only 756 truck occupants died in truck crashes compared to over 3,200 car occupants.

When vehicles of different sizes collide, such as an SUV and a compact car, the smaller vehicle’s occupants are at greater risk of harm. Trucking accidents amplify this danger.

2. A Greater Number of Truck Accidents Result in Death

Not only are passenger car occupants more at risk of death than truck drivers and passengers, but more truck crashes also result in a fatality. Even though commercial trucks represent only five percent of the total number of registered vehicles in the United States, they account for one-tenth of the total number of fatal accidents.

3. More Evidence Is Available — and Can Be Lost — After Truck Accidents

Both types of accidents can generate a great deal of evidence that can be useful to you in a personal injury claim. This evidence can include witness statements, the vehicles’ onboard event data recorders, and blood samples taken from the involved drivers. 

In a truck accident case, you or your attorney may also seek and obtain dash cameras from the truck, the driver’s medical certificate, and logbooks showing when the driver was on and off duty. As with all evidence, these items can be useful but also lost if they are not secured quickly.

Both Types of Collisions Demand Immediate Action

Although the consequences of a truck accident can be more severe than those of a collision involving passenger cars, you need to take action immediately if you or a loved one are involved in either type of crash. Assess yourself for injuries and seek medical attention, especially if you suffered a head injury, harm to your spine or back, or any other catastrophic injury

Cases for both types of collisions can also be legally complex in Ocala, with trucking accidents especially so. Many trucking companies and their insurers hire large and resourceful law firms who aggressively defend them and work to minimize their losses after an accident. 

Therefore, it is critical that you consult a qualified Florida truck accident lawyer quickly to protect your legal interests after an accident.

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