What Is an Ocala Motorcycle Broadside Accident?

Broadside accidents may be known by other names, such as T-bone collisions or side-impact crashes. No matter what they are called, they describe a car accident in which two vehicles crash into one another at an angle. The angle may be 90 degrees or some angle less than 90 degrees.

Any type of accident has the potential to cause injury to those involved. Motorcyclists are at higher risk of injury and death in a crash than the drivers of passenger cars. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recorded 8,045 motorcycle crashes and 517 motorcyclist fatalities during 2020.

Intersections and Motorcycle Broadside Accidents in Florida

The most common location where vehicles approach one another at angles is intersections. Whether two roads intersect and continue through each other, one road ends into a crossroad, or one road merges into another, traffic converges at angles. 

Drivers must be especially careful to watch for traffic from the sides and not just traffic in front of and behind them.

Traffic lights or signs may be used to control traffic flow at these dangerous junctions. Other intersections and mergers are uncontrolled, which means that there are no signs or lights. To avoid crashes at these types of intersections, drivers must remember and follow Florida’s right-of-way laws.

What Happens in a Motorcycle Broadside Crash?

The sequence of events and injuries that you might sustain in a motorcycle crash depends on whether you, the motorcyclist, are struck by another vehicle or you broadside the other vehicle.

When You Broadside Another Vehicle

A motorcyclist broadsides another vehicle when the front end of the motorcycle strikes the other vehicle along the side of the other vehicle. The motorcycle will rapidly decelerate and often come to a stop. The motorcyclist may not always stop, though. They could be thrown from the bike and into or over the other vehicle.

In this scenario, you are very likely to suffer head injuries. These injuries can include a concussion and other traumatic brain injuries. Broken leg and arm bones and spine injuries are also common. 

Your speed at the time of impact, the distance you are thrown, and whether you hit the other car or another object with your body all help determine the severity of your injuries.

When Another Vehicle Broadsides You

When you are struck on the side by another vehicle’s front end, the dynamics of the crash are different. You and your motorcycle want to continue traveling straight. Now, though, the force and momentum of the other vehicle are pushing you and your bike at an angle off of center.

You may not be thrown from your bike, but you may lose control of your bike and crash into another object. Your bike may also tip over and slide, causing road rash and broken bones in your legs and hips.

Avoiding Ocala Motorcycle Broadside Wrecks

If you are riding a motorcycle in Ocala, you should pay special attention as you approach intersections and other places where traffic merges. While you may be familiar with Florida traffic laws, do not assume that other drivers are also familiar with these laws. 

Regardless of whether you have the right of way, slow down as you approach the intersection. Make sure to check for traffic in front of, behind, and to the sides of you. Be prepared to make safe evasive maneuvers if necessary. And reduce the risk of serious head injuries by always wearing a helmet when you ride.

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