Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Ocala, FL

There was a time when traffic and red light cameras did not exist anywhere. However, for decades now, cities across the country have been installing them to combat traffic violators and observe traffic in general. 

In Ocala, FL, traffic cameras have been present for over a decade, and certain locations across the state have also installed red light cameras.

Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Florida

Traffic and red light cameras are two tools used by law enforcement and transportation officials to not only enforce traffic laws but to help keep traffic safe and flowing. In Florida, traffic cameras can be found throughout the state in most jurisdictions. However, red light cameras serve a different purpose and are not as widespread as traffic cameras.

Ocala’s Cameras

In 2011, the Florida Department of Transportation installed traffic cameras for the first time in the city’s history. They were installed at various intersections throughout the city as well as along Interstate 75. The purpose of installing them was to monitor traffic.

Red light traffic cameras, however, have not been installed in Ocala. In fact, there has been some resistance to red light cameras in Ocala, Florida, and across the country. Some argue that their use violates various provisions of the Constitution. 

However, Florida’s Supreme Court put the issue to rest in a 2019 ruling in which the Court says that red light cameras are indeed legal and that jurisdictions may use them for public safety purposes.

Traffic Camera vs. Red Light Camera

Traffic cameras and red light cameras differ in that red light cameras concentrate exclusively on red lights and take individual photos. Traffic cams, on the other hand, cover wide areas and are concerned more with flow than any particular violation. That said, traffic cams may be used for enforcement purposes. 

How Red Light Cameras Work

Red light cameras in Florida take pictures of the license plates of cars that enter an intersection while the light is red. If the light is yellow when a vehicle enters the intersection, a photo will not be taken, even if all of the vehicle has not yet passed into the intersection. 

For right turns on red, the camera will also take a photo if the vehicle does not come to a complete stop before turning. 

What To Do if You Get a Red Light Ticket

If a vehicle receives a red light ticket, the ticket will be sent to the vehicle’s registered owner as a Notice of Violation with the option to “pay ticket online.” 

Failure to pay this notice will result in a second notice with a higher fine and points being added to your license. In other words, paying the notice the first time saves you hassle and money. 

Fighting the Ticket

If you believe that you were ticketed by mistake, it is possible to contest the ticket. The most effective way to challenge the validity of the ticket is to hire an experienced Ocala traffic lawyer. But keep in mind that doing so can run you much more than the ticket itself. 

That said, some drivers who receive red light tickets and forget to click on “pay ticket online” cannot afford more points on their record (often for job reasons), making it worth it for them to fight the ticket.

An Attorney Can Help You Understand Your Options

If you are dealing with red light tickets or any other traffic concern, traffic ticket lawyers can help you avoid the license and financial consequences of traffic violations and offenses. Consulting with a car accident attorney can help you decide what your next step should be. 

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