Top 5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims

One would think that this is a huge variety of claims that a Personal Injury Lawyer in Gainesville might experience, but it’s actually not the case.  While each case is different with respect to injury or personal experience, there are really 5 common cases that we tend to excel in.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether it’s two or more vehicles involved, these are the most common incidents that we see at the Allen Law Firm.  Left turn/Right of Way violations occur with what they call a T-Bone impact, and rear-end impacts are very common, and can cause whiplash injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians crossing at a crosswalk and hit by a distracted driver is another common claim that occurs.  Severe injuries with hospital stays are not uncommon in these types of accidents, and the insurance companies that investigate these claims may try to place some of the blame on the pedestrian.  Witnesses in these types of accidents are critical when there is a dispute regarding red and green lights, or whether there was a lighted signal that it is safe to walk.

Premises Slip and Falls

Another very common type of case that both our Ocala Law Firm and Gainesville Law Firm tends to see is a premises liability case  where someone has fallen.  Whether it’s a slippery surface, a pothole, or an unsafe common area that causes this mishap, the injuries are not as life-threatening, in general.

Dog Bites

Dog bite claims are also common in residential areas.   Having a dog that has previously bitten someone, or has displayed aggressive tendencies can cause some very serious injuries, or even death, in the case of small children.

Medical Malpractice

Our firm takes quite a few calls about medical malpractice.  We have found that many people experience frustration with the results of medical treatment where they are not certain if their condition or injury is the result of a medical provider’s negligence, and it is our job to help get the answers for you.  Many times, it is often apparent in the medical records once we have had the time to review them for a particular case.

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