Multi-Vehicle Car Crash in Ocala, FL

Multi-Vehicle Car Crash in Ocala, FL

Were you involved in a multi-vehicle car crash in Ocala, Florida? Are you suffering from an injury? If so, you might be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages. 

However, you may need an experienced Ocala car accident lawyer’s help to ensure you pursue all the compensation to which you are entitled. 

Allen Law Firm, P.A. can help. Contact us today to learn more about your legal options and how we can help you get your life back on track at (352) 351-3258. Our legal team has recovered millions of dollars for people injured in Ocala car accidentsOcala motorcycle accidents, Ocala slip and falls, premises liability cases, wrongful deaths, and more.

How Our Ocala Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Multi-Vehicle Crash

How Our Ocala Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Multi-Vehicle Crash

If you were injured in a collision, one of the first calls you should make is to the Ocala car accident attorneys at Allen Law Firm, P.A. We have over 100 years of combined legal experience. 

Since 2007, clients have turned to our personal injury law firm to:

  • Investigate the cause of the accident and identify each responsible party
  • Gather evidence that helps establish liability 
  • Review all applicable insurance policies and coverage
  • Handle communications with insurance companies and other parties
  • Handle negotiations with insurance companies
  • Fight for them in court if a reasonable settlement cannot be obtained

Our accomplished Ocala personal injury attorneys have been recognized by National Trial Lawyers and have been listed in the 10 Best Attorneys for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Personal Injury. We are also members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Contact our Ocala, FL law office today for help with your claim. 

What Is a Multi-Vehicle Car Crash?

A single-vehicle car crash occurs when one vehicle crashes, often into a stationary object like a tree or guard rail. These accidents may be due to product defects or dangerous driving. Most car accident claims involve two vehicles. One or both drivers may be responsible for the crash. A multi-vehicle car crash involves three or more vehicles. 

What Makes Multi-Vehicle Car Accidents So Dangerous? 

Multi-vehicle car crashes are not as common as other types of car accidents. However, they are more likely to result in serious injuries or death. Multi-vehicle car crashes sometimes occur at higher speeds, which are associated with more serious injuries. 

Additionally, multi-vehicle car crashes often involve multiple sequences of impacts. What may have been a minor injury in a single accident could easily become much worse in subsequent accidents. 

Some injuries victims may suffer in multi-vehicle car crashes include:

  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Fractures
  • Amputation
  • Permanent impairments 
  • Disfigurement 
  • Severe burns
  • Paralysis

These injuries may require ongoing medical care and can result in significant medical bills. Our Ocala car accident lawyers can help you pursue compensation to pay for them.

Why Are Multi-Vehicle Crashes More Complicated To Prove?

Multi-vehicle collisions are often much more complicated than other types of car accidents because they may involve:

  • Multiple drivers who may share blame for the accident
  • Multiple victims, so damages may exceed the available coverage
  • Multiple insurance companies that try to shift blame to others
  • Cross-claims of negligence 
  • Greater difficulty in determining the initial cause of the accident

When you are contending with such complications, you may want to obtain qualified legal counsel.

Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

Like other car accidents, there can be many causes that initially start a multi-vehicle crash. 

These crashes often start because of:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Disobeying traffic signals or signs
  • Failing to yield
  • Fatigued driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Improper lane changes

A combination of these factors may lead to multi-vehicle crashes. Additionally, these accidents are more likely to occur when drivers are following too closely or in congested traffic. 

Compensation You Can Recover After a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Ocala, FL

Multi-vehicle car accidents can cause substantial damages. 

Victims may be able to recover compensation for the damages they suffer, which may include:

  • Medical expenses, including emergency treatment, transportation, hospitalization, surgeries, doctor visits, specialist visits, medicine, diagnostic tests, and future anticipated medical expenses 
  • Lost earnings, including lost hourly pay or salary pay, used benefits, and reduced earning capacity
  • Property damages to repair or replace your vehicle 
  • Pain and suffering, emotional distress, and emotional anguish 

Florida is a no-fault insurance state, so you can turn to your own insurance carrier for compensation, regardless of who was at fault. If you suffer a serious injury, you may also be able to file a claim against the at-fault party. 

Establishing Fault for an Ocala Multi-Vehicle Car Crash

One of the complicating factors of multi-vehicle car accidents is that there are multiple drivers, so there may be multiple versions of the drivers’ stories about how the accident occurred. This is why objective evidence, such as photos, videos, or witness statements, can be so valuable. 

A skilled Ocala personal injury attorney can also determine if an accident reconstruction expert should be hired to recreate the crash and establish fault. 

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Contact Our Ocala Car Accident Attorneys for Help After A Multi-Vehicle Car Crash

If you were involved in a multi-vehicle car crash in Ocala, FL, do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced lawyers at Allen Law Firm, P.A. 

We are former insurance defense attorneys, claims managers, and adjusters, so we know how the other side works and can anticipate their strategy. Contact us today for a free and confidential case review.

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