Diminished Value and Property Damage Claims

Have you ever had an accident within a year or two after buying the car of your dreams? If you have, you may have experienced a significant loss of value, or ‘diminished value’ when trying to later sell that vehicle that has been damaged in a crash. It can significantly impact your selling price.

What is diminished value?

When your car is damaged in an accident, its value drops even it get’s repaired by the most trustworthy professional. When you drive into a dealership to sell your car, they may immediately reduce their offer by 30% simply because your car has been damaged in an accident. The offer may even be more insulting if the car sustained frame damage.

Our firm specializes in making certain you do not experience a Diminished Value claim when the accident was not your fault. We ensure that a claim is filed for that specific reason and that we do it within the time limit required to prevent the insurer from rejecting your claim outright.

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