Can You Sue a Private School in Ocala, FL, for Negligence?

Students attending a private school in Ocala, Florida, and their parents expect a safe learning environment. Accidents may happen, and sometimes nobody is to blame. However, when a child is injured because of negligence or wrongdoing, the private school and other parties could be liable for the child’s damages.

Examples of Negligence at School That Could Result in a Lawsuit Against a Private School in Ocala, FL

If your child was injured at school, you might be able to file a lawsuit for negligence. You must prove that the school failed to use reasonable care in protecting students from dangers and injuries. The failure may rise to the level of negligence when there is a foreseeable risk that the school knew or should have known about.

Examples of negligence at a private school that could result in a lawsuit include:

  • Attacks by other students, employees, and individuals who should not have been on the school grounds
  • Dangerous premises, including slip and fall accidents, exposure to toxic substances, failure to maintain the premises, and more
  • Playground accidents during recess or gym
  • Food poisoning because the kitchen staff failed to follow safety measures for the property preparation and storage of food
  • Bus accidents, including getting onto and off a bus and bus crashes
  • Sports injuries caused by dangerous fields, failing to maintain equipment, lack of adequate supervision, and more
  • Lack of supervision in the classroom or other areas of the school

Schools cannot prevent all injuries and accidents while a child is on school premises. However, they must take reasonable safety precautions to avoid dangerous situations and hazards that can cause student injury.

Proving Negligence When Suing a Private School in Ocala for Student Injuries 

When suing a private school, you sue the responsible parties just like any other lawsuit. Most school injuries are based on negligence claims. When suing a private school for negligence, you must prove the following legal elements:

  • The private school owed your child a duty of care
  • The private school breached the duty of care through its actions or omissions
  • The breach of duty by the private school was the direct and proximate cause of your child’s injury
  • Your child sustained injuries and damages because of the private school’s breach of duty

Adults can also sue private schools in Ocala if they are injured while on school grounds. The legal elements for an adult claim for negligence would be the same as the legal elements for a child’s claim.

Common Injuries Children Sustain While at School

A child can sustain a variety of injuries at school. Injuries that a child might incur while attending a private school include, but are not limited to:

A childhood injury can have devastating consequences. An injury could result in cognitive, emotional, and physical impairments. The child may experience developmental delays. 

As a result of the injuries, the child may require special education and tutoring. They may require extensive therapy because of impairments caused by the injury. When school injuries cause disfigurement, a child might experience severe depression and psychological disorders.

If the private school or another party is responsible for your child’s injury, talk with an Ocala child injury lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you get an attorney involved in the case, the sooner the lawyer can work to gather and preserve evidence proving your child’s negligence claim. 

Why Should a Parent Sue a Private School in Ocala on Behalf of Their Child?

A negligence lawsuit does not undo the harm and damage your child suffered because of the private school’s wrongdoing. However, suing a private school can result in compensation for damages. A monetary award can provide funds to pay for ongoing care for your child and provide for their future.

Your child might receive economic and non-economic damages for a private school lawsuit. Examples of the damages your child could receive include, but are not limited to:

Parents can also sue the private school for their lost wages if they miss work to care for their child. They might have other expenses related to their child’s injury or care. If you or your child sustained injuries at a private school, you can learn about your rights and legal options during a free consultation with an Ocala private school injury lawyer.

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