Can You Remove a Speeding Ticket From Your Driving Record in Gainesville?

There are many reasons why the stresses of daily life might tempt you to speed. Perhaps you’re running late for work, trying to make it to the store before it closes, or attempting to get the kids to soccer practice on time. Unfortunately, choosing to give in to your impulse to speed could result in a ticket or even a car accident.

Speeding is among the most common moving violations in the state of Florida, and authorities are tasked with using a range of systems and devices to catch and deter such activity. If you’re caught, you could face penalties like fines, and the violation could remain on your record, impacting the cost of insurance.

Additional violations can add points to your license that eventually result in suspension. That’s why it’s important to learn how to get a speeding ticket off your record if you want to avoid not only current but future penalties, too.

Potential Penalties For Speeding Tickets

Penalties for speeding tickets will depend on a range of factors, such as: 

Additionally, how far you exceed the speed limit can impact your penalty in the following ways:

  • Violations of 1–5 mph: May get off with a warning
  • Violations of 6–29 mph: Expect fines ranging from $150 to several hundred dollars
  • Violations of 30 mph and above: Mandatory hearing

Whether you receive a speeding ticket alone or you were also involved in an accident, you may have to attend a court hearing if you want to keep it off your record.

Options To Keep a Speeding Ticket Off Your Record

Before considering how to remove violations from driving record files, it’s important to know that your best bet might be to stop them from appearing in the first place. When you show up for a court hearing, you have the option to fight the charges.

Contesting a Ticket

In some cases, the police officers involved may not show up. This generally results in an automatic dismissal of the ticket. When officers do attend, they must provide proof that you were speeding, such as pacing you or using radar equipment.

There are several strategies for fighting such allegations, and you may ultimately be successful. You might also negotiate for a plea bargain to a lesser offense if you agree not to contest the ticket. If you lose, there are still avenues to pursue.

Attending Traffic School

If it’s your first moving violation or you haven’t had any in a while, you might be eligible for online traffic school. 

Florida Basic Driver Improvement includes a four-hour course covering topics like:

  • Traffic laws
  • Defensive driving strategies
  • DUI
  • Adverse driving conditions

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a certificate, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will be notified. Any points associated with the speeding ticket will be removed from your record so you can maintain your insurance premiums and alleviate concerns about a possible suspension of your license down the line.

Appeals and Petitions

If you’re not eligible for traffic school, you can appeal the conviction with the help of a qualified attorney or petition to have your record sealed to remove it from court and criminal records (technically, though, the violation will remain). Finally, you can petition to have the violation expunged.

Don’t Let a Florida Speeding Ticket Get You Down

Fines for speeding tickets can be steep, and you may face more serious concerns like increased insurance costs and license suspension if they remain on your record. When you get legal help to contest a ticket, attend traffic school, or appeal an unfavorable ruling, you may be able to remove the violation from your record or at least reduce penalties.

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