How Many MPH Can I Go Above the Speed Limit in Florida?

Florida’s roadways may invite fast driving. However, the safety of all drivers and pedestrians is paramount. Speed limits are set with this principle in mind. Many drivers still wonder, “How much can you go over the speed limit in Florida?”

Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, in Gainesville, Florida, knows the legal consequences of speeding in the state. The firm’s car accident lawyers have seen the effects firsthand. Continue reading to learn more about the speed limit laws in Florida and the consequences of not complying with these statutes.

Understanding Speeding Laws in Gainesville, FL

Can you go 10 over the speed limit in Florida? Florida’s speeding laws are clear. There is no “grace speed” that police officers are obliged to honor. Simply put, you violate the law if you exceed the speed limit by even just 1 MPH. How fast you travel over the speed limit will determine the likelihood of being pulled over.

Statutory Speed Limits in Gainesville, FL

Speed limits change based on road type and zoning. Florida has enacted basic statutory speed limits that apply across the state. It is important to keep these in mind when driving through Gainesville.

For example, Florida Code Section 316.183 states that “on streets or highways, the maximum speed limit must be 30 miles per hour in business or residence districts, and 55 miles per hour at any time at all other locations. However, concerning a residence district, a county or municipality may set a maximum speed limit of 20 or 25 miles per hour on local streets and highways after an investigation determines that such a limit is reasonable.  . . The minimum speed limit on all highways that comprise a part of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways and have not fewer than four lanes is 40 miles per hour, except that when the posted speed limit is 70 miles per hour, the minimum speed limit is 50 miles per hour.”

Statutory speed limits may seem confusing. It is always best to pay attention to posted speed limit signs while driving.

The Costs of Speeding

Speeding may seem like a minor infraction, but it can carry significant consequences. These often include:

Monetary Fines

The financial implications of speeding can be substantial. You should expect to receive a fine if pulled over in Gainesville, Florida. The fine is often determined by how fast you traveled over the speed limit. Potential costs include:

  • 1-5 MPH over the limit – warning;
  • 6-9 MPH over – $25;
  • 10-14 MPH over – $100;
  • 15-19 MPH over – $150;
  • 20-29 MPH over – $175;
  • 30 MPH or more – $250;

These are general figures under state statute. Note that actual fines can vary depending on the circumstances, such as whether you were driving in a school zone.

License Points

Speeding may translate to points on your driver’s license. When you are ticketed, you may earn points against your driving record. Accumulating too many points may cause your license to be suspended. Points can also lead to increased insurance premiums. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles lists common traffic violations and their associated points.

Risk of Accidents

Speeding is a leading factor in traffic accidents. The faster a vehicle travels, the more likely you will experience serious injuries or death in an accident. This is because speeding reduces the time a driver has to react in a dangerous situation to avoid a crash. Speeding also increases stopping distance and lessens traction on curves or wet roadways.

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in Gainesville, FL

So, how much can you go over the speed limit in Florida? The straightforward answer is zero. Legally, even exceeding the speed limit by 1 MPH is “speeding.” But speeding is not just about legality. It is important to remember that speed limits are designed to ensure the safety of others. By speeding, you increase the risk of a serious accident, fines, and points on your license.

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