Can One Phone Call Really Make A Difference?

Someone stopped by our office the other day and asked us if talking to the ‘other insurance company’ was a good idea. We often get ‘walk-ins’ at our office, and even though we make appointments in the interest of efficiency, we love when people feel comfortable enough to just stop in.  So, really, the question is: ’Can one phone call make a difference in the outcome of your case?’.  It sounds simple.  Claims procedures involve the exchange of information, right?

Your first thought following an injury accident is to feel better and ensure that your injuries are not serious.  The next is to consider seeking immediate and appropriate medical care from a physician or hospital emergency department. In Florida, where PIP coverage is mandatory under state law, you can and should get the immediate medical care you need, without delay. You have paid good money for this coverage and you are entitled to the best care available. PIP is YOUR coverage under your insurance policy, regardless of fault.  The immediate concerns are now addressed. 

But most people don’t know what to do when the insurer for the negligent driver calls and wants to talk.  Often, those initial phone calls can significantly impact the outcome of the claim down the road, and in ways that you are unaware. 

Remember, the goal of the insurance company for the negligent driver is to:

  1. Minimize the amount of money it pays to you for your personal injury damages.
  2. Convince you that your injuries are minimal or non-existent.
  3. Convince you to give a recorded statement where its representative will ask you about your injury history, your past medical treatment, your occupation, and other personal information.
  4. Convince you that you are required to sign authorizations allowing access to your medical and employment records, including access to old or irrelevant medical information that they will use to argue against your current injuries or damages. 

So, ‘Can one phone call make all the difference?’ The answer is YES.  Adjusters will convince you that your ‘compliance with their claims procedure’ is what is keeping them from taking care of your damages.  This is just NOT the case.  When you are trying to handle everything on your own, your initial compliance with the ‘claims procedure’ is where a case can be forever compromised in favor of the negligent driver’s insurance company.

Make your one phone call to us. Allow us to work on your behalf. Having a staff of prior adjusters is just ONE of the many reasons that our clients really feel taken care of.  Our experience benefits YOU. Don’t unnecessarily give the adjusters the ability to devalue your claim. 

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