What To Do If You Are Bitten By a Neighbor’s Dog

Many people love dogs, after all, dogs are man’s best friend! Many dogs are a constant companion that provides unconditional love, incredible amounts of cuteness, and a reliable friend. However, dogs are also animals that could potentially be dangerous. If a dog is improperly trained or has a negligent owner, you could find yourself with a bite from a neighbor’s dog. But what do you do after you have been bitten by a neighbor’s dog? The first step after suffering a bite from a neighbor’s dog is to call a trusted personal injury attorney. Your experienced attorney will be there to help you with every step of the recovery and legal process. Here are the steps that your attorney will take after you have suffered a dog bite.

Get Medical Attention

After a dog bite, your first priority should be your health. While the majority of dogs do not carry infectious diseases, some certainly do, especially one that is prone to biting. The dog may be carrying rabies or other dangerous diseases that a doctor will need to address. 

Not only could a dog carry dangerous diseases, but their bite itself may cause serious damage. Dogs are hunters by nature and have extremely sharp teeth. A dog bite will almost certainly pierce the skin and may leave you bloody. It is extremely important to get medical attention as soon as you can after getting bitten by a dog or any other animal.

Document Everything

After you have been bitten by a dog and have received medical attention, there is quite a bit of information that should be documented, such as where it occurred, what the dog’s breed was, and other important information so that they don’t miss important details. A great attorney will work with you to capture all of this information. 

Not only will your attorney document everything about the bite, but they will also order all medical records related to the incident. This can be extremely important later on.

Determine Negligence

Negligence is a tricky thing to prove and varies from state to state. In order to help investigate negligence, your attorney investigating the following: 

Has your neighbor’s dog ever bitten anyone in the past? Has your neighbor ever been warned about the dog’s behavior in the past? If so, what steps did your neighbor take to curtail this behavior? Have you spoken to the neighbor in the past that the dog is being aggressive or has made you uncomfortable? If so, what steps did your neighbor take to ensure the dog stayed restrained? Is there anything the neighbor should have done that they didn’t, or any situation in which the neighbor showed carelessness? It is not uncommon for a great attorney to hire an outside investigator. 

Speak With An Attorney

Having a licensed, experienced attorney on your side will greatly help your case. Dog owners are responsible for controlling their dogs, which means they must follow the leash laws and dog bite laws for their state and any places they visit. A person who allows their dog to run without a leash, or who owns a dog that attacks another person, may be liable for medical expenses and pain and suffering. A person who owns a dangerous dog may also face criminal penalties, including prison time and fines. Every state’s dog leash law and dog bite law is different, so be sure to know the laws for your state.

Seek Legal Advice With A Personal Injury Attorney

If you were seriously injured as a result of a dog bite, it’s in your best interest to talk to an experienced attorney right away. Having an experienced and professional attorney on your side is important. If you or a loved one were bitten by a neighbor’s dog, contact the Ocala personal injury attorneys at Allen Law Firm today. Allen Law Firm’s team of personal injury lawyers are trained professionals there to take the stress away and allow you to focus on healing.  

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