What Is the Average Settlement For a Personal Injury in Ocala, FL?

A personal injury is harm caused by another person. Personal injury cases include physical injuries, financial losses, and emotional distress. Negotiating a personal injury settlement is the most common way to resolve claims.

Personal injury settlements range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. The factors in your case determine how much you can expect to receive for a personal injury settlement. 

Because the factors are unique in each case, there is no “average” personal injury settlement. Instead, an experienced Ocala personal injury lawyer bases how much a personal injury case is worth on the facts of the case after performing a comprehensive investigation. 

What Is a Personal Injury Settlement?

A personal injury settlement is an agreement to resolve your claims against the party who caused your injury. The settlement amount includes compensation for economic damages such as:

  • The cost of treating your injuries and medical bills for rehabilitative care, including physical therapy
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, including the cost of personal care and assistance with household tasks
  • Loss of income, wages, and benefits, including decreases in future earning capacity 

Personal injury settlements also include compensation for non-economic damages. These damages compensate you for losses, including:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life and decreases in your quality of life
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Mental anguish
  • Disabilities and impairments
  • Physical pain and suffering

Insurance companies consistently undervalue personal injury claims. Therefore, before signing a settlement agreement, you should talk with an Ocala personal injury lawyer. A lawyer evaluates your case and advises whether the settlement amount is fair.

Signing a personal injury settlement agreement ends your case. The agreements prepared by insurance companies are designed to protect the at-fault parties. 

The agreement releases all parties from all claims. In other words, you give up all legal causes of action that could result in additional compensation for damages. Therefore, you must ensure that the settlement amount compensates you for all losses and harm.

Factors That Affect the Average Personal Injury Settlement in Ocala, FL

Some of the factors that impact how much your personal injury claim is worth are within your control. Other factors can be minimized with the assistance of an experienced accident attorney. 

Factors that can increase or decrease how much money you receive for a personal injury claim include: 

  • The type and severity of your injuries. Catastrophic injuries typically increase the value of damages. 
  • Whether your injury caused a permanent impairment or disability, resulting in future damages and ongoing expenses. 
  • The amount of liability insurance available and whether there are other claims you can make against the at-fault party.
  • The strength of the evidence proving liability.
  • Whether you are partially to blame for the cause of your injuries. Being partially at fault can decrease the amount you receive for damages under Florida’s contributory fault law.
  • If you delayed medical treatment or caused your damages to increase unnecessarily, your compensation could be reduced for failing to mitigate damages.
  • The type of parties involved in the case.
  • The insurance company’s willingness to negotiate a settlement.

The other factor that can impact the amount of your personal injury settlement is whether you have legal advice. Insurance adjusters protect the insurance company from liability. They are skilled and trained in tactics that help them undervalue and deny insurance claims.

However, an Ocala personal injury attorney understands the law and how insurance companies handle claims. They understand how to protect your best interests and your right to fair and just compensation after an accident or personal injury. 

Steps To Take To Increase a Personal Injury Settlement Amount 

The steps you take after an accident or personal injury can impact how much you receive for your case. Always report an injury or accident as soon as possible. For example, call 911 to report a car accident or report a slip and fall accident to the property owner, manager, or supervisor. 

If possible, collect evidence at the accident scene. For example, ask people who witnessed the accident for their names and contact information. 

Take pictures of the accident scene and make a video using your cell phone. The evidence you gather could help you increase the value of your claim.

Do not admit fault for causing the accident. If you admit fault for the accident, your compensation could be reduced.

Seek medical treatment for your injuries. You must receive medical treatment within 14 days to receive benefits under Florida’s no-fault insurance laws. Furthermore, delays in medical care can make it more challenging to prove and win a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.

It is also wise to seek legal advice from an experienced Ocala personal injury lawyer. An attorney assesses your case to determine the legal options available to pursue compensation for damages. Attorneys can also assist you in hiring expert witnesses, gathering evidence, valuing damages, and filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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