What Are the Odds of Surviving a Motorcycle Accident in Florida?

Experienced Florida motorcyclists know that they are vulnerable when they are on the road. A motorcycle is lighter and contains far less protective paneling than an automobile. The small profile of motorcycles means there is an increased risk that a motorist will not see a biker in time to avoid a collision. 

Suffering a serious bodily injury or even death is a risk that all motorcyclists acknowledge and accept every time they get on their bikes. A look at relevant statistics can show just how significant this risk is.

Fatal Florida Motorcycle Crash Statistics

Ride Smart Florida reports that in 2020, there were approximately 550 motorcycle fatalities out of a total of nearly 3,400 traffic fatalities. Although fewer than 5 percent of traffic accidents involved motorcycles, these crashes accounted for nearly 17 percent of all fatal traffic wrecks in Florida. 

Overall, there were 8,045 motorcycle crashes in 2020, according to the Crash Dashboard from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

With this data, it is easy to calculate that motorcyclists survived approximately 93 percent of all motorcycle wrecks in the state of Florida in 2020. Thus, motorcyclists should take comfort in the fact that despite the disadvantages of a motorcycle in a wreck, there is a high likelihood that they will survive a crash.

Florida Motorcycle Crashes Resulting in Injuries

While Florida motorcyclists may have good odds of escaping a motorcycle crash with their lives, this does not mean they will escape the crash unscathed. 

The Crash Dashboard shows that 6,920 individuals reported injuries following a motorcycle crash. This number includes anyone who reported an injury following a wreck. It encompasses motorcyclists, their passengers, and the occupants of any other vehicles involved.

These numbers paint a grim picture for motorcyclists. In over 80 percent of crashes involving motorcyclists, at least one individual will suffer some injury. 

This statistic does not mean the motorcyclist is always the one who will be hurt in a wreck or that their injuries will always be severe. However, because of the factors discussed above, there is a high chance of these events happening.

Additional Risk Factors in Motorcycle Collisions

Certain circumstances can increase or lower the risk of serious injuries or death. Using a helmet and other protective gear can significantly reduce the likelihood that a motorcyclist will sustain a traumatic brain injury or other serious harm. Some research suggests that a helmet alone can reduce the risk of death by up to one-third.

Obeying traffic laws and traveling at a reasonable speed can also increase the chances of surviving a motorcycle crash. During an impact, a motorcycle rider or passenger may be thrown from the bike. Moving at a higher speed means they will be thrown with greater force, thereby increasing the risk of injury or death.

Finally, riding a motorcycle after using alcohol or drugs will increase the likelihood of injury or death. Alcohol and drugs can impair a person’s judgment, leading them to engage in riskier behaviors like speeding. Intoxication can also delay a rider’s reaction time, which makes it even more likely that a collision will occur.

Survival Depends on the Motorcyclist

Understanding the risks involved in motorcycling means appreciating that whether you survive a motorcycle crash depends in large part on you. While you cannot control the actions of other drivers, you can protect yourself by wearing appropriate gear and driving sensibly.

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