Trampoline Parks -What You Need To Know

Trampoline parks are popping up all over the place.  While we all want to allow our children to enjoy themselves in many forms of exercise, we can’t always predict the outcome of an event that may end in an injury.  Trampoline parks have what insurance underwriters call ‘known risks’–in other words, injuries will be a part of this type of business.  Despite the known risks, there are situations where an injury has occurred beyond the normal scope, due to the negligence of others.

Are claims and lawsuits on the rise for injured children at trampoline parks?  If the news and social media is any indicator, they are both full of photos and posts from angry parents with injured children.  They are also filled with park-owners defending themselves due to violation of the written safety rules in place, or pointing to the behavior and supervision of the children’s parents or guardians present.

The bottom line is that emergency room visits from trampoline injuries are on the rise.  According to the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP), safety is becoming more of a concern because of this increase, and as a result, have adopted a minimum standard of safety requirements in order to be accepted into membership with the IATP.

Despite the focus on safety, injuries can occur.  When an injury has occurred at a park like this, our firm’s investigation might focus on overall staffing and human ‘monitors’ at the time of the incident, standards and execution of staff being trained properly in the safety rules and regulations, and staff training in first-aid.  We also might look at the trampoline construction and overall business operations that involve the instructions, rules, safety and warnings given to the visitors and children on the day of the incident.  It is common to sign a waiver upon entrance to the park itself.  The waiver is a way for the park to have each visitor acknowledge the obvious risks in the activities. The Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers have been able to obtain a recovery for our client even when a waiver had been signed.

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