Steps to Take After A Motorcycle Accident: Part 1

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. Groups across the country will be hosting events throughout this month that highlight safety measures that should be taken when riding a motorcycle. These events provide important information that can keep everybody on the road safe, including pedestrians. Yet, while this information can go a long way in protecting everyone on the road, Gainesville motorcycle accidents are inevitable; and when you get in a motorcycle accident, it is important to know what to do immediately following the crash.

This two-part series will detail the steps you should take following a motorcycle accident.

Ensure Everyone Is Alright

A motorcycle crash can cause severe injuries. Immediately after a crash, the most important thing is to check yourself and anyone involved in the accident to make sure no one is seriously injured. Whether anyone is injured or not, you will want to call 911 to have a medical professional check everyone that was involved in the crash.

Document The Crash

Once you have checked on everyone involved in the crash and contacted the police, you will want to begin documenting the crash. You will want to take as many pictures of the crash as possible and from as many angles as possible. Not only will you want to take pictures of your motorcycle, but you will also want to take pictures of the other vehicle involved in the crash and any obstacles that may have caused the accident.

While these pictures are important, you will want to make sure it is safe for you to take the pictures. Do not put yourself in harms way by walking into traffic to take the pictures.

Move Off The Road

If you are able to take pictures safely, that is great. Depending on your own physical injuries and limitations, if the position of your motorcycle could cause additional accidents to occur, considering getting assistance to remove your motorcycle from the roadway.

These steps come from the extensive experience of the motorcycle accident attorneys at Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers. We have provided assistance in countless Gainesville and Ocala motorcycle accidents. In Part Two of this blog series, we will outline the remaining steps to take following a motorcycle accident.

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