What are the Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Florida?

What are the Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Florida?

With warm weather and sunshine year-round, Floridians often want to spend all of their time outdoors — including their time on the road. So, it makes sense that motorcycles are a common mode of transportation here. But, while they provide a seemingly fun and breezy alternative to driving a car, motorcycles can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know the proper way to ride them. Adding the fact that a motorcycle can be hard for other motorists to see, and there is little protection between the biker and the road, Gainesville motorcycle accidents with injuries are very common. Here, we look at the main causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida.


There are many different ways drivers can be negligent.  Drivers can fail to use a blinker, can be driving under the influence, or simply driving recklessly. But the most common cause of negligence involving motorcycles is speeding. Because motorcycles are harder to see than cars, a speeding driver may not see a motorcycle and have a harder time stopping when they do.

Lane Changes

Cars aren’t designed perfectly and one of their biggest flaws is the blind spot. Often, when a motorcycle is in our blind spot, we may attempt to switch lanes and not see them. While this type of accident can be minor when it involves two cars, a lane change accident involving a motorcycle can be fatal. If the driver failed to use their blinker or switched lanes recklessly, they can be at fault for an accident claim.

Violating the right of way of a motorcyclist is also a major cause of accidents here in Ocala and the rest of the state. Motorists must look for motorcycles while on the roadways, and when appropriate, give them room when they have the right of way.

Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems can occur with both a car and a motorcycle. When a motorcycle has faulty equipment, it can be detrimental and cause injuries or fatalities. These problems include faulty brakes, a tire that was installed incorrectly or a faulty computer system. When this happens, the manufacturer or mechanic may be at fault, and can be held liable if there is enough evidence.

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