Common Road Dangers For Motorcyclists in Ocala, FL

Common Road Dangers For Motorcyclists in Ocala, FL

Ocala, FL has a high number of motorcycle accidents. In just the first six months of 2022, Ocala saw more than 40 motorcycle crashes. At that rate, 2022 could break the city’s record of 76 motorcycle accidents in 2019.

These motorcycle crashes happen for a variety of reasons. Anything from a driver’s carelessness to wet road surfaces can cause a motorcyclist to lose control and crash. 

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How Allen Law Firm, P.A. Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Ocala, Florida

How Allen Law Firm, P.A. Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Ocala, Florida

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How Common Are Road Dangers For Motorcyclists in Ocala, FL?

Data from the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard and Florida’s annual Crash Facts report show that Ocala had 64 motorcycle crashes in 2021. This number was down from its peak in 2019, when Ocala had 76 motorcycle crashes. But 2021’s number still represents an upward trend for motorcycle accidents in Ocala.

Motorcycle deaths in Ocala make up 28.6% of all traffic deaths in the city, according to Florida’s Traffic Safety Dashboard statistics. This makes motorcycle crashes in Ocala 14 times deadlier than car crashes. 

Since motorcyclists suffer 17.8% of Ocala’s traffic injuries, motorcycle accidents in Ocala are over eight times more likely to cause an injury than car accidents.

Overview of Common Road Dangers For Motorcyclists in Ocala, FL

Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons. Mechanical failures, road conditions, road defects, and weather can affect a motorcyclist’s ability to ride safely.

But the most significant road danger to motorcyclists comes from other vehicle drivers. Vehicle drivers misjudge the location, speed, and maneuverability of motorcycles. They fail to spot them on the road, and some drivers even drive aggressively toward motorcyclists.

Research on Florida motorcycle accidents suggests that automobile drivers bear the fault for 60% of collisions between motorcycles and autos. When a driver causes a motorcycle crash, the driver and their insurer must pay for the resulting damages.

Here are some of the common road dangers for motorcyclists in Ocala, FL:

Careless Drivers

The Florida Crash Facts report for 2020 lists careless driving as the most common cause of traffic accidents in Florida. Police officers issue careless driving tickets for actions that fail to meet the standard of care required of drivers. Careless driving citations usually cover two behaviors: improper lookout and distracted driving.

Improper lookout happens when a car moves into traffic without looking carefully. For example, drivers are cited for an improper lookout if they turn left into or across oncoming traffic. An officer could also issue an improper lookout citation if a driver turns right too close to oncoming traffic.

Distracted driving happens when drivers drive while their hands, eyes, or mind perform another activity.

Both these driver errors endanger motorcyclists. Almost every motorcyclist has had a close call with a driver turning across their path or merging into their lane without seeing them.

Drivers have trouble spotting motorcycles due to:

  • The smaller size of motorcycles
  • Unfamiliarity with the speed and maneuverability of motorcycles
  • Inattentional blindness toward motorcycles

Unfortunately, there is little that a motorcyclist can do to get drivers to notice them. But motorcyclists can drive defensively by assuming that nearby drivers will fail to spot them.


According to the Crash Facts report, the second most common cause of traffic accidents is a failure to yield the right-of-way. Again, this behavior is familiar to motorcyclists who have seen drivers not wait their turn at an intersection because they either fail to see the motorcyclist or treat the motorcycle as a second-class vehicle.


When motorcyclists speed, their chances of losing control of their motorcycle increase. When drivers speed, the chances of causing a rear-end collision increase. Since Florida prohibits lane splitting, motorcyclists stopped at intersections or in traffic jams are particularly vulnerable to rear-end collisions.

Slick Roads

Motorcycles are inherently unstable. If anything causes a motorcyclist to lose their balance, the motorcycle can crash. Losing traction on roads covered with water, sand, or other debris can send a motorcycle into a slide.

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