Common Motorcycle Injuries in Ocala, Florida

Common Motorcycle Injuries in Ocala, Florida

Motorcycles do not protect their operators or passengers in a crash. As a result, riders can suffer serious, incapacitating injuries even in minor motorcycle accidents. These injuries can disable accident victims in Ocala, FL, preventing them from working to pay for their necessary medical treatment.

Importantly, motorcycles are not included in Florida’s no-fault insurance system. You must file an injury claim against the at-fault driver to recover compensation after a motorcycle crash. 

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How Allen Law Firm, P.A. Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Ocala

How Allen Law Firm, P.A. Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Ocala

Allen Law Firm, P.A. has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in injury compensation for its clients. Since our establishment in 2007, our Ocala motorcycle accident attorneys have assisted thousands of accident victims by fighting for a fair settlement or verdict.

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We can help with your motorcycle accident case by:

  • Investigating the full value of your claim with the aid of experts when needed
  • Negotiating a settlement agreement on your behalf and taking care of all the paperwork and communications
  • Bringing your case to court if the situation calls for it

As a result of a motorcycle crash in Ocala, Florida, you could suffer from serious injuries and permanent disabilities. Contact Allen Law Firm, P.A. for a free consultation to discuss the compensation you can seek for your motorcycle injuries.

How Common Are Motorcycle Injuries?

Motorcycle injuries happen much more often than car accident injuries. Motorcycles offer very little protection in a crash, and riders are especially vulnerable when they do not wear a helmet.

As a result, motorcyclists are four times more likely to get injured during a crash than automobile occupants. Even worse, motorcycle riders and passengers are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than those in cars and trucks.

Florida’s 2020 Crash Facts Report shows just how often motorcycle injuries happen. Marion County, home to Ocala, reported 190 motorcycle crashes in 2020. These crashes, which included motorcycle operators and passengers, caused 12 fatal injuries and 173 non-fatal injuries.

A total of 97.4% of motorcycle riders who crashed in Marion County were injured or killed in 2020. This number is shockingly high, particularly since the injury rate for all traffic accidents in Marion County was only 84.7%, according to the 2020 Crash Facts Report.

Overview of Common Motorcycle Injuries in Ocala, Florida

Motorcycles lack a passenger compartment like automobiles. They also require skill and balance to keep them upright. In a crash, motorcyclists can get injured when they:

  • Get struck by a vehicle
  • Slide across the ground
  • Get ejected from the motorcycle and strike the ground or a fixed object

Automobile drivers likely cause most collisions between autos and motorcycles. These crashes happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Failing to yield the right of way at an intersection
  • Pulling into traffic without proper surveillance

In many situations, drivers are careless in spotting oncoming motorcycles and hit them before they even realize what happened.

When a motorcyclist gets injured in a crash caused by a driver’s negligence, the driver bears liability for the resulting losses. This principle holds even if the negligence only indirectly injured the motorcyclist as long as the motorcyclist can prove a causal link.

For example, suppose that a driver drifts into a motorcyclist’s lane and causes the motorcyclist to swerve off the road. The driver will still bear liability for the motorcyclist’s injuries, even though they never collided.

Some common motorcyclist injuries include:

Leg and Hip Injuries

The most common motorcycle injuries happen to the lower extremities. According to one study, between 50% and 60% of motorcyclists injured in motorcycle crashes suffer from leg and hip injuries, such as:

  • Cuts and bruises
  • Abrasions
  • Burns
  • Torn knee or ankle ligaments
  • Torn muscles or tendons
  • Fractured bones

The motorcycle can fall onto the motorcyclist’s leg and trap it under the motorcycle as it drags across the ground. These injuries can also happen when a vehicle impacts the side of a motorcycle and crushes the leg.

Arm and Shoulder Injuries

Upper extremity injuries are also very common because the arms and shoulders can impact the ground when the motorcycle tips over or be dragged along the road surface during a slide.

Head, Neck, and Face Injuries

Head injuries almost always happen when the motorcyclist’s head strikes the pavement after tipping over or getting ejected from the motorcycle.

Wearing a helmet reduces the odds of suffering a head injury. It also reduces the severity of any head injury sustained. According to the CDC, a helmet reduces your likelihood of experiencing a fatal head injury by between 37% and 41%.

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