What is a Negligent Security Claim?

Negligent security claims occur when someone is injured on another property due to a lack of security. In Florida, those who own property are expected to provide the appropriate measures to keep people safe while they are on the property. Failure to do so can result in a negligent security claim.

What are some examples of negligent security?

Often, a property owner can be found negligent when there is inadequate staffing of security personnel or inadequate lighting at night around the place of business, for example. There have been instances where even though a crime occurred to cause the injury, the owner of the premises can be held partially liable for the injury if they had knowledge or notice that this type of activity was occurring and did not take action to help prevent this kind of occurrence.

How does someone establish liability?

Since this type of claim usually involves a public space, it can be tricky to establish liability. If you are hurt, attacked, or injured in any way, it’s important that the incident is documented with the property owner, manager, or employees so that an investigation can occur, paying attention to the things mentioned above (lighting, security, cameras, etc.). Taking photos, and securing witness names and contact information is paramount to a personal injury case.

What if the business is just in a high crime area?

Florida law states that business owners are required to be aware of crime in their area. If the crime rate is high, they must provide additional security measures to keep visitors safe. For property owners, even if they have someone managing the property, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of all ‘invitees’ that come and go, especially if these businesses are in areas of high crime.

If you were injured in any way on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to a recovery and should contact a negligent security attorney in Gainesville. Here at the Allen Law Firm, we are well versed in Florida law and have experience with establishing liability in all kinds of negligent security cases.

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