Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are unsure as to whether or not you have a personal injury case, your first plan of action should be to consult a lawyer. Should he or she find that you have grounds to pursue legal action, there are many mistakes you should avoid to ensure you are building the strongest case possible.

Misrepresenting Your Injury

Don’t overplay your injury as something more severe than the reality, and don’t underplay it to make it sound as though it’s not as serious as it actually is. Be straight and forward with your symptoms, pain level, and amount of suffering. Further in the legal process of your claim, any discrepancies will be highlighted and can be used against you in an attempt to find flaws in your personal injury case.

Waiting to File a Claim

When filing a personal injury claim, the sooner the better. If you were involved in an accident, but feel as though your injury is mild and non-serious, don’t let that discourage you from filing – there’s a chance that your condition will worsen over time. If you file a claim and it turns out your injury was not that serious, you can simply close your claim and move on.

Failing to Keep Track of Medical Records

Documents pertaining to your treatment, hospital visits, and any other medical procedures is absolutely crucial to pursuing a personal injury case. Keep track of any and all paper work the hospital gives you, and keep your doctor’s contact information at hand – there’s a chance he will be used as an expert witness, should his or her testimony be needed.

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