How Dangerous Are Motorcycles?

Motorcycles have a reputation for being dangerous. You zoom around sitting on top of a combustion engine without anything to protect your fragile human body from the dangers of the road. But just how dangerous are motorcycles?

The truth is that motorcycles do pose more risks than a standard passenger car. Read on to learn more about the risks of motorcycles and how you can have a safer ride.

You’re More Exposed in Crashes

It is true that, if you crash a motorcycle, you’re in much more danger of being injured or killed than you would be in a car. If you get into a car crash, you have the steel frame of the car to protect you from the impact. Your body is less likely to experience the crushing forces of an accident when it has the structure of a car to shield it. 

A staggering 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death. In fact, this is about four times the rate of injury and death you see in passenger vehicle crashes. So in simple numbers, motorcycles are more dangerous than cars.

Gainesville Motorcycle Crash Statistics

Every year, Alachua County experiences 115 motorcycle crashes, five of which are fatal. These accidents also cause 102 injuries, meaning there are just eight Alachua County motorcycle crashes every year that don’t harm the rider in some form or fashion. 

Biggest Risks to Motorcyclists

There are a few specific situations that can put motorcycle riders at greater risk of injury or death. For one thing, cars turning left cause a huge number of motorcycle crashes. The car may be trying to speed through an intersection, they may not see you before they turn, or they may turn left from a non-turn lane. Always use extra caution when moving through an intersection, especially when you’re turning.

Cars changing lanes can also endanger motorcyclists if they don’t see them before moving over. Debris on the road, including gravel, can cause a dangerous surface that can lead to a crash. And riding drunk or during bad weather contributes to a huge number of motorcycle accidents.

How to Stay Safer on Your Motorcycle

Although riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a passenger car, there are a few steps you can take to make your rides a little safer. First and foremost, you should always where a helmet when riding. You should also never ride your motorcycle after you’ve been drinking.

Always double-check before you go through an intersection to make sure no cars are coming. It’s a good idea to keep an escape route in mind at all times while riding in case a car merges over into your space. You may also consider taking some training courses to learn how to better handle your motorcycle, especially in emergency situations.

Get Compensation for Your Injuries

Motorcycles are a fabulous way to enjoy beautiful scenery, but they do come with some risks. You’re about four times as likely to get injured or hurt in a motorcycle crash than in a passenger vehicle wreck. Always wear a helmet when you’re riding your motorcycle, and always keep an eye on the cars around you.

If you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to compensation. The lawyers at Allen Law Firm can defend you from blame for the accident and make sure you get a full and fair settlement. Schedule a free consultation with us today to start getting the representation you deserve.

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