What Happens After A Personal Injury Claim Is Finalized?

It is common in personal injury claims that the negotiation of the value of your case does not begin until you are finished with any medical treatment and all of your injuries and damages have been identified, evaluated and addressed.

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The claim process begins when the claim is first reported, and the end of this process is when a client is handed a check. The time can vary greatly as to what happens in between. There are no rules for how long this process can take, but the Statute of Limitations is 4 years to make a claim in the court system for damages in a personal injury case, like a Gainesville car accident, in the State of Florida.

Much of the time in a case is spent on the negotiations, both via phone, email, and U.S.Mail, between our firm and the adjusters. Because many cases are settled without the need to go through a lengthy court process, once the final settlement is agreed upon, the Allen Law Firm will immediately work on negotiating the outstanding medical bill and lien balances. Each provider has its own system and process for agreeing to accept less than the balance due, so this can take some time as well.

In the end, the goal is to schedule the settlement conference with our client once the bills and liens are the lowest they can be. The settlement conference is when the check is handed to the client.

Patience is the biggest virtue in both negotiations and reducing bill balances.

The Allen Law Firm is particularly good at both, so if you have a case or claim that you would like to discuss that would benefit from an opinion by an Ocala Personal Injury Attorney, please call us at (352) 351-3258.

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