Dog Breeds that Bite and Injure Most Often

According to the age-old adage, a dog is a man’s best friend. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. While many dogs are friendly, some breeds of dogs tend to be more aggressive than others.

These aggressive dogs may bite humans. And since dogs have powerful jaws, a dog bite can inflict extensive damage, especially to children.

Having a family dog can be a way to create memories and bonds that last a lifetime. However, it’s important to also understand the risks that can be involved with owning a dog. If you are thinking about owning a dog, consider these dog breeds that may be more likely to bite: 

Pit Bulls

According to Forbes, the most dangerous breed of dog in the US is the pit bull. For over 12 years — from 2005 to 2017 — it was responsible for more fatal attacks than all other dog breeds in the US combined. The next most dangerous dog was involved in just one-sixth of the number of fatal attacks involving pit bulls.

Many people believe that pit bulls are born vicious, but this is an incorrect assumption. The reason so many pit bulls are involved in attacks is that they are the dog breed most commonly trained to fight. When not trained to fight, they are often as meek and playful as any other dog.

Small Dogs

Unless you have owned a small dog at some point in your life, you may not realize that small dogs are at least as aggressive as their larger kin, and many are even more aggressive.

Small dogs are often territorial, even more so than larger dogs. This may be because they feel threatened or frightened, especially if there are bigger dogs in the same household. Unfortunately, even though a dog’s aggression may be directed at another pet, it will often take it out on humans.

And since small dogs appear non-threatening, people are more likely to reach out to one or try to pick it up. This can create a fight-or-flight response that is often likely to result in a bite.

Despite their small size, these dogs still have powerful jaws with sharp teeth designed for ripping. You can easily suffer wounds from a small dog bite.

Large Dogs

Large dogs are often more bark than bite, but this doesn’t mean that none of them pose a risk to their families. In fact, the majority of reported fatal attacks that don’t involve pit bulls are due to large dogs. 

The most common attacks tend to be from:

  • Huskies
  • Rottweilers
  • German shepherds
  • Boxers
  • Great Danes
  • Labradors

These types of dogs can be particularly dangerous to children who don’t understand how to give them space. Children may see a large fluffy animal that they just want to hug, while the dog may see a potential threat — and since the child is smaller than they are, these dogs may even see prey.

A Well-Trained Dog Is Least Likely to Bite

It’s important not to generalize when it comes to dog breeds. Some breeds thought to be more aggressive can be quite docile, while other breeds thought to be non-threatening can be dangerously territorial.

The best way to minimize the danger of dog bites to your family, friends, and others is to train your dog from a young age and provide it with proper care. Ensuring your children understand how to be safe around your dog can also help prevent accidents.

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