How Serious Does an Injury Have to Be to File a Car Accident Lawsuit In Florida?

Personal injury claims cover a broad range of injuries and accidents. Negligence claims may involve a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall accident, or medical malpractice. Intentional torts could include assault injuries. Injury claims are heard in civil courts. However, most personal injury cases settle… read more

Why All Motorcycle Riders Should Wear a Helmet Camera

Although the roads can sometimes be perilous for motorcycle riders, there are many things they can do to keep safe, including wearing helmets and protective clothing. There are also measures riders can take to help them with a personal injury claim if they get in… read more

If I’m a Pedestrian, Who Pays for My Medical Bills After I Was Hit by a Car?

Pedestrians have a high risk of sustaining catastrophic injuries and life-threatening conditions when hit by a car. A pedestrian has no protection from an impact with a motor vehicle. The pedestrian’s body receives the full blow from the collision. Therefore, the pedestrian can sustain multiple… read more

Suing For Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress in Florida

A person injured in an accident sustains several different types of damages. Accident victims generally suffer physical injuries that can cause medical bills, lost wages, and other economic damages. However, their physical injuries also cause non-economic damages.  Non-economic damages represent the “pain and suffering” you… read more

The Process of Receiving a Settlement Check in Florida

If you are injured because of a slip and fall accident, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accident, or another personal injury, you might be entitled to compensation from the party who caused your injuries. However, filing a personal injury lawsuit and going to trial could take… read more

What Should You Do If You Are Hit While Driving Someone Else’s Car in Gainesville, FL?

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience. However, what happens if you drive someone else’s car and another driver hits you? Who pays for your damages and injuries? Regardless of who owns the car, call 911 to request police emergency medical assistance…. read more

Are Slip and Fall Injuries Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

A slip and fall injury can occur on residential, commercial, and government property. A property owner has a duty of care to maintain safe premises for the people lawfully on their property, including homeowners.  According to Florida premises liability laws, if a homeowner breaches the… read more

Florida Motorcycle Helmet Laws – Does Florida Have A Helmet Law?

Many states have universal helmet laws for motorcyclists. Florida laws near you require that all riders wear an approved motorcycle helmet – and helmets can reduce brain injuries and permanent disability during a motorcycle accident. However, there is an exception to that law. Florida Motorcycle… read more

Who Is at Fault in a T-Bone Car Accident in Ocala?

All accidents are dangerous. In T-bone accidents, the front of one car hits the side of another. These types of accidents can lead to debilitating injuries and even death for drivers and passengers. As a result, you may be in desperate need of compensation after… read more

Understanding Assumption of Risk

The assumption of risk doctrine is a defense some parties assert in personal injury cases. The party being sued claims that the injured person “assumed the risk” of the activity that caused their injury. Therefore, the argument goes, the injured party is responsible for their… read more