Should I File a Workers’ Comp or Personal Injury Claim in Florida?

Being injured at work can create financial stress in addition to the pain and suffering caused by the injury. If you were injured on the job, you might wonder whether to file a workers’ comp claim or a personal injury claim. In some cases, you… read more

What Is Premises Liability?

A person who owns or controls real estate (land, buildings, and fixtures) owes a duty of care to people who are legally present on their property. If you suffer an injury on their property due to a dangerous condition, you might qualify for personal injury… read more

Who Are the Plaintiffs and Defendants in Personal Injury Cases?

Personal injury cases can become complicated when a lot of people are involved. For example, a car accident case gets confusing when it’s a multi-car pileup on the highway that leads to complex lawsuits. Each party involved will likely try to pin the blame on… read more

What Percentage Do Lawyers Take for Personal Injury Cases in Florida?

Contingency fee arrangements have made legal services accessible to countless personal injury victims.  In years past, lawyers routinely required the deposit of large retainers and the payment of hourly fees to represent injury victims. Those who did not have these financial resources may have been… read more

What is the Difference Between Personal Injury Case Managers and Paralegals?

It is devastating to suffer from an injury that changes your life. Whether it happened in a second or over time, it may be hard to take the first step to get legal help. Luckily, many personal injury law firms have caring staff like lawyers,… read more

Are You Liable if Someone Gets Hurt While Working on Your Property in Ocala, Florida?

Many homeowners assume that workers’ compensation covers injuries if a worker gets hurt while working on their property. While it might be true that the injured worker could be entitled to workers’ comp benefits, it is also a possibility that the homeowner is liable for… read more

Motorcycle Accidents vs. Car Accidents in Gainesville, FL

Motorcycle accidents and car accidents share many similarities. However, there are key differences that all riders need to know before they ride. Understanding the differences between motorcycle accidents vs. car accidents can help you as you file a personal injury claim after a motorcycle crash…. read more

What Happens if I Slip and Fall at a Gainesville Park?

The City of Gainesville has many parks for residents and visitors to enjoy. Our parks offer a variety of activities and environments to enjoy. Unfortunately, a slip and fall at a Gainesville Park could cause severe injuries and long-term impairments.  Slip and Fall Accident Claims… read more

The Process of a Personal Injury Claim in Gainesville, FL

Florida is one of only a handful of states that use no-fault insurance. After a minor accident, no-fault insurance blocks you from filing an injury claim against the at-fault driver. But if you suffer a serious injury in a car accident or suffer any injury… read more

All About Back and Neck Injuries from Rear-End Collisions in Gainesville, Florida

Studies show that rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident. These crashes account for approximately 29% of all accidents. Fortunately for accident victims, rear-end crashes rarely cause fatal injuries. According to the National Safety Council, rear-end collisions cause 17% of traffic deaths…. read more

What is the Difference Between Slips, Trips, and Falls?

Were you injured on another party’s property in a “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” accident? If so, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries by filing a premises liability lawsuit. However, does it matter whether you slipped or tripped before you… read more

What Happens If My Child Slips and Falls at School?

Schools have a legal duty to keep their premises safe for students, staff, and visitors. When a school fails to fix hazardous conditions, inspect the property often, or warn about known dangers, they may be responsible if someone is harmed because of their negligence.  A… read more