Can I Get a Rental Car After an Accident in Florida?

If you have been in a car accident in Florida, you may be wondering if you can rent a car to use while yours is being repaired. The good news is that, in many cases, you can get a rental car after an accident.  However,… read more

How Long Does A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take In Florida?

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Can I Pursue More Compensation After Agreeing To Settle My Gainesville Injury Claim?

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Will My Insurance Cover Physical Therapy After A Car Accident In Ocala, FL? 

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How Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Personal Injury Claims in Ocala, FL

When you purchase an insurance policy, you expect the insurance company to cover your losses in case of an accident. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are not always eager to pay out personal injury claims.  In fact, they have a variety of tactics that they use to… read more

What Is the Difference Between Premises Liability and Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall and premises liability are two interrelated types of personal injury claims. In fact, slip and fall claims are one kind of premises liability claim since it is possible to have a premises liability claim that is not a slip and fall claim…. read more

The Different Types of Negligence in Gainesville Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims in Gainesville, FL, often involve negligence. Negligence occurs when someone fails to take reasonable care, and their actions or inactions result in harm or injury to someone else.  Different forms of negligence may be relevant in a personal injury claim based on… read more

Step-by-Step Guide for Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Florida

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Driving a Car or Riding a Motorcycle: Which Is Safer?

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), the Sunshine State has seen over 30,000 vehicle crashes so far this year. Those accidents have resulted in 265 fatalities. To zoom in a bit, 734 involved motorcycles, with 42 being fatal. Beyond more recent statistics,… read more

How Long Should I Wait Before Going to a Chiropractor After a Gainesville Car Accident? 

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Procedural Issues That Could Hurt Your Gainesville Personal Injury Case

It makes sense to divide Florida personal injury law into two classifications: substance and procedure. A substantive question, for example, might be, “Was the defendant driving negligently at the time of the truck accident?”  A procedural question, by contrast, might be, “Did the plaintiff meet… read more

Motorcycle Passenger Rights After an Accident in Florida

Were you a motorcycle passenger who was injured in a crash? You may have suffered serious injuries following the accident and may have a right to receive compensation for them. Allen Law Firm, P.A., actively assists accident victims, including motorcycle passengers injured in motorcycle crashes…. read more