Premises Liability in Florida: FAQ

Florida premises liability laws can be complicated. While premises liability laws do vary from state to state, it’s important for all Florida landowners to be aware of the implications that come with having other people on your property. Here’s a quick FAQ that will explain the basics of Florida premises liability law.

What is premises liability?

A form of negligence, premises liability laws hold landowners responsible for certain injuries that occur to other people that are on their property. As is the case with many laws, premises liability laws vary from state to state, so consult an Ocala attorney to learn more about the laws that are relevant to you based on your state of residence. In Florida, the laws change occasionally. Contact a premises liability lawyer if you need relevant and updated information regarding your responsibilities as a landowner.

What types of injuries do premises liability laws involve?

Premises liability injuries can take form in a number of different ways. Dog bites, pool drownings, and other general injuries can be categorized as premises liability injuries. Furthermore, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million slip and fall injuries each year, and slip and fall injuries can be categorized as premises liability injuries. Think of it like this: if the injury can occur on someone’s residential or commercial property, it falls under premises liability.

A premises liability attorney can gather all the specific details relevant to the occurrence and help you navigate the complicated legal process that comes with these types of cases.

We think it’s best to reach out to an Ocala injury law firm for guidance.

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