May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Wearing a helmet while riding may mean the difference between life and death. But did you know that Florida repealed its universal helmet law in 2000? In Florida, if you are over the age of 21 and have at least $10,000 of Medical Payment coverage, you may legally ride or operate a motorcycle without a helmet.

Did you also know 4,586 motorcyclists were killed while riding in 2014 alone? A rider’s best chance of surviving a crash is by wearing a safe helmet. That’s why, as a team of avid riders ourselves, Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers recommends wearing a helmet at all times while riding or operating a motorcycle.

In most states that have a mandatory helmet law, the minimum requirements for helmet safety come from the Department of Transportation (DOT). Helmets with this certification will have a “DOT” sticker on the outside back of the helmet. They will also have an inside label with the manufacturer’s identification and certain use and care instructions.

While DOT certification is mandatory for manufacturers marketing their helmets for use while riding on public highways, there are other safety certifications that helmet manufacturers may voluntarily choose to meet. One of those safety certifications is set forth by the Snell Memorial Foundation. The Snell Memorial Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that sets more rigorous helmet safety standards than the DOT. Regardless of whether a helmet meets DOT or Snell standards, it must fit properly in order to offer optimum protection in a crash.

Another thing to keep in mind while searching for a helmet is whether you want a full-face helmet or an open-face helmet. Full-face helmets are bulkier, but safer. Full-face helmets also offer better protection from the weather, insects, sun, and road debris.

At Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, our mission is to treat every client as if he or she were a member of our own family. We have a passion for riding and we seek to love our communities here in Gainesville and Ocala. Our utmost concern for our fellow riders is their safety and wellbeing… which starts by properly wearing a helmet while riding.  Take it from a ‘motorcycle attorney’ that knows….we’ve seen many times how wearing a helmet has saved our clients’ lives. It could save yours.

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