How To File a Gainesville Car Accident Claim With Allstate

Allstate is a leading car insurance company in the United States. If you are in a traffic accident in Florida, there is a chance you might need to file a Gainesville car accident claim with Allstate. Below is some information that can help you with an Allstate claim.

How Do I File a Gainesville Car Accident Claim with Allstate?

After a car crash, you can contact Allstate online or by telephone. Call 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828) to file an accident claim by phone. You can also Report a Claim online by going directly to the Allstate website. 

Before contacting Allstate about a car accident in Gainesville, you need to gather specific information about the crash. Most of the information is in the police report the officer gave you at the accident scene. 

Information you need when filing an accident claim with Allstate includes the following:

  • Accident date
  • Time and location of the crash
  • Description of the vehicle involved in the traffic accident
  • Owner and contact information for each vehicle
  • The name of the policyholder
  • The insurance policy number

Do not worry if you do not have all of the information. Allstate can typically locate the insurance policy if you provide the vehicle owner’s name. 

Allstate should assign an insurance adjuster to your claim. The adjuster investigates the claim to determine if the driver of their insured vehicle caused the accident. The adjuster also determines the extent and value of the damages.

When dealing with an insurance claim, insurance companies try to avoid liability. The adjuster might use the comments you made to shift some of the blame to you. If so, the company might allege the case is not worth the full value of damages because of contributory fault.

If possible, Allstate denies the claim and pays nothing for your damages. If not, Allstate might issue a low settlement offer to tempt you to sign a settlement agreement before you can speak with a lawyer.

Florida’s No-Fault Insurance Requirements 

Florida requires drivers to have $10,000 in PIP or Personal Injury Protection Insurance. PIP is no-fault car insurance. It pays benefits regardless of who caused the car accident.

Therefore, you would expect Allstate to pay the no-fault insurance claim without hesitation. The reason for no-fault insurance is to help accident victims receive medical care and wage benefits quickly and without the need to prove fault. 

However, no-fault insurance providers use the same tactics to avoid liability for claims as liability insurance providers. If you fail to seek medical care within 14 days, the provider can deny no-fault insurance. If you are not diagnosed with an “emergency medical condition,” you are limited to $2,500 instead of $10,000.

Therefore, see a doctor as soon as possible after any car accident to protect your rights to insurance benefits. 

Steps To Take To Maximize the Value of an Allstate Accident Claim

The steps you take after a car accident can help increase your chance of receiving a fair settlement amount. Things you can do to help your case include:

  • Report the car accident to the police immediately
  • Seek prompt medical treatment 
  • Keep copies of all documentation
  • Carefully document out-of-pocket expenses and costs
  • Never admit fault or apologize for the car accident
  • Do not use social media or post information online until your case settles
  • Never agree to a recorded statement 
  • Do not sign any insurance documents without a personal injury attorney reviewing the document 

Be careful when dealing with Allstate insurance adjusters. 

Almost all telephone calls are recorded. The comments you make could hurt your case. Adjusters look for anything they can use to undervalue and deny car accident cases

Furthermore, insurance companies make low settlement offers. Therefore, it is highly likely that the initial settlement offer is lower than the value of your damages. 

You are not required to accept a settlement offer. You can negotiate for a higher amount. Additionally, you have the right to have legal advice and to have an attorney review all documents before you sign them.

Do I Need a Lawyer To File a Gainesville Car Accident Claim With Allstate?

You are not required to seek legal advice before filing an insurance claim after a car crash. However, the benefits of hiring an attorney to handle your Allstate insurance claim include the following:

  • The resources to investigate the car accident to determine causation and fault
  • Verify insurance coverage and file insurance claims
  • Handle all communication with insurance adjusters and investigators
  • Document damages to determine how much your claim is worth 
  • Prepare a settlement demand package and negotiate a settlement with the insurance company

Your attorney works to get you the money you deserve after a car accident. If Allstate refuses to negotiate a fair settlement amount, your attorney advises you of your legal options for pursuing a claim.

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