Florida Car Inspection Laws

Florida Car Inspection Laws

Federal law allows for each state to set its own laws pertaining to vehicle safety and emissions testing. Many states require annual safety inspections as a means to keep dangerous vehicles off the roadways. If a safety issue is in question after a Gainesville car accident, help from an expert legal team can make a difference in your claim.

Does Florida require vehicle inspections? Florida vehicle inspection laws are relaxed compared to other areas in the United States. Although the laws in Florida are lenient, there are still situations that require your vehicle to be inspected before you are able to insure it.

Annual emissions testing ensures that carbon emissions do not negatively impact air quality. Some states require only a vehicle safety inspection, while others also require an emissions test. 

Vehicle Inspections in the United States

In comparison to Florida’s vehicle inspection laws, which are less aggressive, in many states, a vehicle inspection involves both safety and/or emissions testing. 

During a vehicle safety test, several vehicle components are often tested, including:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Seatbelts
  • Head and tail lights
  • Car horn

Many states require a carbon emissions test, also called a smog test, to determine the vehicle is not a gross polluter. These are routine in most areas. If drivers fail these safety and emissions tests, they will be fined and required to retake the tests before the vehicle is allowed back on the roadways.

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Pros and Cons of Vehicle Inspections

There are many pros and cons to more comprehensive vehicle inspections and much debate as to whether these laws for inspection should be more strict in the state of Florida.

Benefits of Vehicle Inspection

  • Pollution and Safety: Perhaps the most common argument for thorough vehicle inspection is to keep ill-maintained vehicles off the road and reduce the impact of carbon emissions.
  • Economical Benefit: The fees collected for vehicle inspection benefit both the state budget and local businesses, such as automotive repair shops.

Many believe that truck and car accidents are less likely to occur when cars are regularly inspected.

Drawbacks of Vehicle Inspection

  • Low-Income Families: Many low-income families possess older vehicles that may be less likely to pass vehicle inspections.
  • Outdated: Many of the vehicles subject to these tests simply do not need them, resulting in unnecessary expenses for car owners. Modern cars are much more efficient than older models.

The fact that Florida has lenient car inspection laws seems to indicate that lawmakers find more drawbacks than benefits to the process.

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Short-Lived Vehicle Inspection Programs in Florida

There was a time that annual vehicle inspections were a requirement in the state of Florida. In 1981, the standard safety test that checked tires, brakes, and other vehicle components ended. In 1991, a more comprehensive test for vehicle emissions went into effect. Hours were spent in long lines waiting for this two-minute test.

Drivers were frustrated by the ill-executed testing and opposed these inspections. 

Governor Jed Bush did away with the state’s requirement for emissions testing, claiming that it did little to reduce pollution in the state. This came with much opposition from environmental organizations but very little pushback from drivers who were fed up with the long lines and wait times.

Vehicle Inspections in Florida Today

Does Florida have emissions testing? There are also no requirements for vehicles to undergo emissions testing. Also, there is no requirement for yearly vehicle inspection in the state of Florida.

There are only two situations in which a vehicle inspection is required in the state of Florida:

  • If a consumer purchases a new car outside of the state of Florida
  • If a consumer purchases a used vehicle in the state of Florida

It is important to follow all statutes requiring vehicle inspection. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to register or insure your vehicle. New vehicles purchased in the state of Florida are not subjected to any inspection as these already fall within compliance.

Emissions Exceptions

Although there is no carbon emissions inspection test in Florida, there are still cases that are against Florida law regarding emissions

Tampering with any air pollution control device that has been installed by the manufacturer is illegal. 

Also, automobiles must not visibly emit exhaust for more than five seconds. Driving a vehicle with emissions could cost you a fine and points off your driver’s license. 

Who Conducts Florida Vehicle Inspections?

Fortunately for drivers, these tests are relaxed and only require an inspector to physically examine your vehicle. There are several options for providers who can perform this testing, including most mechanics and police officers. They will track your vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number to ensure the vehicle is not stolen property.

Cost of Florida Vehicle Inspections

The cost of vehicle inspections can vary depending on the provider. Some inspectors, such as mechanics, will not charge a monetary amount if they are already providing you another service, while other inspectors may charge up to $100. 

Incentives for Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Although there are no requirements for vehicles to undergo emissions testing, the state of Florida does offer a program that rewards drivers who operate environmentally clean vehicles. Drivers of Low Emissions Vehicles (LEVs), including hybrids, are granted access to the High Occupancy Vehicle lane (HOV), regardless of how few passengers are in the vehicle.

Drivers of these vehicles can apply for this privilege for a small annual fee of $5, or a two-year pass for $10, and receive a decal to put on the vehicle signifying its permit for HOV lane usage.

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Vehicle Maintenance

The state of Florida has relaxed laws regarding vehicle inspection. Although there are only two situations that require your vehicle to be inspected, it is still important to public safety for you to keep your vehicle maintained. If your vehicle is producing excessive amounts of emissions you can still be cited by law enforcement. 

For your protection and the protection of all those on our Florida roadways, it is in everyone’s best interest that you operate a safe vehicle. Without comprehensive laws, it is the duty of Florida residents to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy.

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Even though cars aren’t always required to be inspected in the state of Florida, it’s a good idea to make sure that the vehicle you drive is in good working condition. If you’ve been hurt in a collision in Gainesville and suspect that another driver’s failure to maintain their vehicle was a contributing factor, Allen Law Firm, P.A., may be able to help. Contact our Gainesville personal injury lawyers to discuss your options today. Your first case evaluation is free.

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