Understanding Failure to Maintain

Posted By Allen Law Firm P.A. || 22-Aug-2016

Many trucking accidents are a result of some type of mechanical failure in the truck that can be caught and resolved by performing routine maintenance checks. Nearly 30 percent of collisions involving large commercial trucks are caused by a failure in its trucks and tires, according to the Department of Transportation. Although these routine checks are often mandated by federal regulations, some truck drivers ignore having their truck inspected, which can put other drivers at risk.

Failure to Maintain Tires

Sharing the road with a truck that has poorly maintained tires can be dangerous for you and other drivers. There are laws that require commercial truck drivers to have a special device installed that accurately monitor tire air pressure. Should a truck driver continue to operate a vehicle with worn down tires, a blowout can occur, which can lead to a catastrophic collision.

Failure to Maintain Brakes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration aims to reduce the number and severity of trucking accidents and found that 19% of inspected 18-wheelers had a brake defect that compromised the truck’s functionality. Oftentimes we find ourselves needing to slam on the brakes to avoid unexpected traffic obstructions – on a large truck, brake failure can be extremely dangerous.

Failure to Maintain Trailers

If a trailer is not securely fastened to the back of a truck, it can impact the alignment of the tires. A misaligned tractor trailer can add pressure to the tires, which will increase the rate at which they wear, which can cause the truck driver to experience difficulty in steering the truck.

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