Do You Need a License and Insurance to Drive a Scooter in Ocala, FL?

For many Florida residents, scooters have become a popular and gas-friendly alternative to driving a car. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity on the weekend, commuting to work, or just enjoying riding around with friends and family, scooters can be an enjoyable, affordable transportation option in the Sunshine State.

While scooters are becoming a new standard for getting from A to B, under Florida law, there are still several requirements you must follow if you choose to pick up a scooter. 

License requirements, safety measures, insurance statutes, and driving laws are all important to know if you’re thinking about going for a spin on your personal scooter or a shared one through one of the many popular apps.

Although the vehicle codes and statutes regarding scooters can be a little confusing, understanding the most important laws will ensure your scooter experience is a safe and legal one.

What Is a Scooter Under Florida Law?

In Florida, scooters are mostly divided into two categories: motorized scooters and motor scooters.

The difference between the two is that motor scooters have a seat for the driver, while motorized scooters do not. 

For a motorized scooter to meet Florida’s definition, it must adhere to the following specifications:

  • Not have more than three wheels
  • Not be capable of exceeding 30 MPH on level ground
  • Driver must stand

Motor scooters, meanwhile, are more akin to motorcycles and fall under the same definition as a motorcycle under Florida law.

Florida statutes specifically define a moped as a seated vehicle with:

  • Three or fewer wheels
  • Two-brake horsepower or lower
  • Less than 50cc engine displacement

As such, motor scooters and motorcycles often fall under the same category when it comes to legislation and regulation. Motorized scooters and mopeds have their own definitions and so certain regulations might apply only to them (or not to them, depending).

Important Laws About Scooters in Florida

Florida has allowed counties and cities to make their own rules and regulations on scooters and other “micro-mobility vehicles” since passing House Bill 453 in 2019.

If you want to ride a motorized scooter in Oscala, Florida, you must adhere to the following basic provisions:

  • The driver must follow all of the rights, laws, and duties applicable to bicyclists
  • The scooter must be registered with the FLHSMV
  • The driver is not required to hold a valid driver’s license to operate a scooter
  • Mandatory helmet requirement for anyone under the age of 16
  • Must drive at a maximum of 15 MPH

While the laws to drive and operate a motorized scooter may seem less strict than those for motorcycles and cars, safety is always important when operating any motorized vehicle.

In Florida, you can still face costly citations and legal repercussions for not following the posted driving laws, operating a scooter recklessly, or even driving under the influence (DUI), especially if you cause an accident

Insurance Requirements

Every state has its own requirements for driver’s insurance. These requirements rely on factors such as driving history record, vehicle type, and license type.

In Florida, mopeds and motorized scooters are not subject to the same insurance laws as cars or motorcycles. 

You do not need to have insurance of any kind to legally operate a motorized scooter in Florida. However, if you are involved in a crash, you still face financial responsibility for any damage or injuries that may result.

If you’re going to operate a scooter in Florida, the best way to keep yourself at ease is to purchase insurance that meets your needs. That way, you can avoid any costly expenses and fines should you be involved in a collision.

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