5 Reasons You Need Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers in Gainesville

We are often asked by our clients why an attorney is so important for a personal injury case.  It may be that the driver at fault is insured by a large, familiar insurance company that the client feels is a good company and therefore, must pay claims appropriately to still be in business.  But the bottom line is, that even the most successful insurance company is still in business, at least in part, because of the way they pay claims. We thought we would share, from our perspective, why you should talk to Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers about your case:

  1. It is common for insurance adjusters to ask you to sign an open-ended medical authorization form that will allow them to order any of your prior medical records.  The information contained in these records are often used to minimize the impact of injuries from this accident.
  2. It is common for them to ask you for a recorded statement taken by their experienced adjusters, but you will not be allowed to do the same thing with their insured driver.  They will also tell you that they cannot settle the claim without your recorded statement.
  3. Insurance adjusters often estimate your out-of-pocket medical bills in order for them to offer you a ‘time-limited’ offer of settlement that is ‘non-negotiable’.  They hope to settle your claim quickly, and often with the intention of paying as little as possible.
  4. It is our experience that there may be coverages or options available to you on the policy, but they may not bring them up, or tell you about them unless you specifically ask.
  5. They are trained to establish rapport with you so that you will trust that they are offering you the most that they can to pay your claim, but statistically speaking, claims where a client is attorney-represented often settle for more money than claims where the injured party is unrepresented.

Several of our staff members have years of experience working for the same insurance companies that we now fight to get the best settlement for YOU.  Call us today to discuss your specific claim or case.  There is no better time to get help to fight for what matters most to you.

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