Lake City Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Lake City Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Were you or a loved one recently injured in a pedestrian accident in Lake City, FL? It’s important to understand all of your legal rights and options. An experienced Lake City pedestrian accident lawyer at Allen Law Firm, P.A. can help you fight to win compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more. 

We know the stakes are high if you were seriously hurt. For nearly three decades, our dedicated team has fought for clients like you–and recovered millions to help accident victims move forward. 

If you were hurt in Lake City, Florida, call our law offices today to schedule a free consultation. We’re always ready to take your call. 

How Allen Law Firm, P.A. Can Help After a Pedestrian Accident in Lake City

How Allen Law Firm, P.A. Can Help After a Pedestrian Accident in Lake City

Pedestrian accidents can cause some of the most severe and life-altering injuries imaginable. While it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed in the wake of your accident, it’s also important to hire a lawyer to look out for your best interests.

Our Lake City personal injury lawyers have over 30 years of experience helping clients navigate the complex legal process. 

At Allen Law Firm, P.A., we pride ourselves on handling every aspect of your case, including:

  • Gathering the evidence needed to establish liability
  • Hiring experts and specialists to testify on your behalf
  • Defending you against insurance tactics designed to deny or reduce the value of your claim
  • Using our decades of experience to win the highest settlement or verdict available

Some injuries change your life forever. You shouldn’t have to worry about money on top of everything else. Our trusted Lake City personal injury attorneys know what it takes to get the insurance companies to play fair. To get started, call today to arrange a free case review.

How Common Are Pedestrian Accidents in Lake City?

According to the National Safety Council, an American is killed in a preventable accident every three minutes. Unfortunately, in Florida, many of those fatalities involve pedestrian accidents. 

According to a recent Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) study, Florida is one of five states that accounted for nearly half of the 6,590 pedestrian deaths nationwide in 2019.

Despite statewide efforts to keep pedestrians safe, those numbers show no signs of easing up. Thousands of pedestrians are injured every year. In 2020, 699 pedestrians were killed across Florida. Twenty-two pedestrian accidents were reported in Columbia County, FL alone. 

What is My Lake City Pedestrian Accident Case Worth?

The value of any personal injury case depends on a number of different factors. Injuries that require more extensive medical treatment and ongoing care may result in higher dollar values. Permanent and life-changing injuries tend to result in higher awards for pain and suffering. 

At Allen Law Firm, P.A., our lawyers will work closely with your doctors, family members, and specialists in various fields. That will help us fully assess the value of your injury claim. 

We’ll get answers to the difficult questions that can influence the value of your case, including:

  • Will your injury create long-term or permanent conditions and challenges?
  • Will you recover fully?
  • Did you lose wages and income while recovering?
  • Are your future earning prospects impacted by the injury?
  • What types of disruption did the injury cause to your daily life?
  • How painful and traumatizing was the injury and recovery? 
  • Were the at-fault party’s actions particularly shocking?

You might be worried about how long it will take your personal injury case to settle, given how difficult it can be to find answers to these questions. After all, your expenses are adding up by the minute.

It’s important to remember that valuation is one of the most important aspects of any injury case. Your future financial security depends on getting the full compensation you need to pay for your recovery. 

Our lawyers have been handling cases like yours for decades. We even keep insurance adjusters on staff to consult on your case–so you can be rest assured we’re doing everything we can to protect your best interests.

What Types of Damages Are Available to Pedestrian Accident Victims?

In Florida, car accident victims are entitled to two primary types of compensation: economic damages and non-economic damages. 

Economic damages reimburse you for your out-of-pocket costs and estimated future costs, including costs associated with:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Medications and medical devices
  • Rehabilitation

Our lawyers at Allen Law Firm, P.A. will also fight to establish the fair value of your non-economic damages, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Anxiety and depression

Determining how much it will cost to treat your injuries is relatively straightforward. Most economic damages can be established by providing documentation, like receipts from your doctor, pay stubs from an employer, or testimony from specialists estimating the cost of your future care needs. 

Calculating pain and suffering damages to compensate for a diminished quality of life can be much more complex.  

Fortunately, you don’t have to handle those matters alone. Our lawyers have the resources and experience to find out what your case is worth–and we’ll negotiate to get every dollar you deserve.

Can I Recover Damages If I’m Being Blamed for a Pedestrian Accident in Florida?

Can I Recover Damages If I’m Being Blamed for a Pedestrian Accident in Florida?

As a pedestrian, you probably don’t expect to be blamed if you’re hurt in a motor vehicle accident. That rarely stops insurance companies from trying this strategy.

Here’s how it works. You can still recover damages if you’re being blamed for the accident. In fact, Florida’s modified comparative fault laws let you sue for damages unless you’re mostly responsible. However, any damages you recover will be reduced in proportion to your own share of fault. For instance, if you are deemed 30% at fault, your damages award can be reduced by 30%. And if you were 51% or more at fault, you cannot recover any compensation.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrians who are hit by trucks, cars, and other motor vehicles often suffer catastrophic injuries. It’s especially important to recover every dollar you deserve if you were seriously hurt. It can be hard to know what the future holds, and it’s important to make sure you’re financially protected. 

Our lawyers have experience handling even the most complex injury cases. 

We’ve successfully helped clients who have suffered:

Were you hit by a car walking around Lake City or the surrounding communities? Our attorneys can help you hold the responsible parties accountable.

What Causes Most Pedestrian Accidents in Lake City, Florida?

Drivers in Florida don’t always pay attention to pedestrians sharing the roads. 

Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Florida include:

Of course, some pedestrian accidents can be caused by poor weather and limited visibility. That doesn’t absolve careless drivers of blame. Under Florida negligence laws, drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances–meaning drivers have to consider conditions on the roads when driving. 

How Do I Prove Negligence After a Pedestrian Accident in Florida? 

Your right to compensation depends on showing that someone else was responsible for your accident. In the vast majority of cases, that means proving the responsible party was negligent.

Negligence is one of the most basic legal theories lawyers use to establish liability. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to prove negligence. 

To succeed, your pedestrian accident attorney will have to show:

  • The responsible party owed you a duty of care
  • They breached that duty
  • The breach directly caused your injuries
  • You incurred damages 

Proving negligence usually requires launching a full investigation into the crash. That might mean gathering accident reports, witness statements, video footage, and even expert testimony to prove your claim. 

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Pedestrian Accident in Florida?

Florida recently changed its statute of limitations for filing personal injury lawsuits. If your pedestrian accident was on or before 3/23/2023, your deadline is four years. If it took place after that date, the deadline is two years instead.

The clock begins to run on the date you’re hurt. If you haven’t filed your injury claim within the appropriate timeframe, lose your right to compensation from the responsible party. Contact a personal injury lawyer to confirm the appropriate deadline for your case.

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Serious pedestrian injuries can leave you struggling for years to come. If you were hurt, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced Lake City pedestrian accident lawyer at Allen Law Firm, P.A. We’ll schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your legal options and explain how we can help get the fair compensation you need.