Airport Trip and Falls in Gainesville, FL

Airport Trip and Falls in Gainesville, FL

When you’re hurrying through an airport to catch your flight, you increase your chances of a slip and fall. However, some airports fail to maintain walkways and other areas in reasonably safe condition. This also increases the chances of a fall. If you’ve experienced a trip and fall in a Florida airport, you might be entitled to substantial compensation.

Our Gainesville airport trip and fall attorneys at Allen Law Firm, P.A. know how to secure financial compensation for injured clients. We’ve recovered hundreds of millions for our injured clients.

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How Can Allen Law Firm, P.A. Help Me After a Trip and Fall at the Airport in Gainesville?

How Can Allen Law Firm, P.A. Help Me After a Trip and Fall at the Airport in Gainesville?

After an accident, it’s natural to be concerned about your financial circumstances — and your physical and emotional well-being. Your recuperation will be expensive, especially if you cannot work.

The good news is that our Gainesville premises liability attorneys at Allen Law Firm, P.A. are able to assist you. We will identify the parties liable for your accident and pursue compensation for your injuries, allowing you to focus on your recovery. Our legal team has over a century of combined experience in personal injury law. 

When you retain Allen Law Firm, P.A. for your trip and fall at the airport, we will:

  • Begin a case evaluation
  • Perform a thorough investigation into your accident
  • Collect and review evidence
  • Provide referrals to medical professionals
  • Identify and locate witnesses 
  • Negotiate with insurance companies 
  • Advocate for you in court if necessary

We’re aware that if insurance firms had their way, you would receive no compensation. We consider it our job to do everything we can to maximize your compensation.

Call our Gainesville, FL law offices to speak with our airport trip and fall lawyers. Your initial consultation is free.

How Frequent Are Airport Trip and Fall Accidents?

These accidents occur often but receive little notice. They’re most common when people board a plane because the bridge from the terminal to the plane is typically uneven.

The Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) estimates that 27,000 ramp accidents occur annually—around one for every 1,000 departures. These incidents cost major airlines approximately $1 billion each year.

With traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels, it’s even more vital that airports meet their responsibility of care to all passengers.

How Do Trip and Fall Accidents at Airports Occur?

A trip and fall can occur in a crowded airport due to:

  • Uneven sidewalks and lobbies
  • Slick and wet floors
  • Damaged flooring, including ripped carpets 
  • Unsafe stairwells with broken handrails and insufficient lighting
  • Corridors with inadequate illumination
  • Impediments such as luggage
  • Malfunctioning escalators
  • Baggage carousels
  • Transport accidents
  • Defective equipment

Airports have a responsibility to protect the safety of all passengers, staff, and visitors. They must inspect their premises for hidden dangers, repair known hazards, and provide a warning for dangerous conditions that cannot be fixed immediately. 

Who is Liable for My Trip and Fall at the Airport?

Multiple entities could be responsible for your airport trip and fall, including:

  • The proprietor of a store, coffee shop, kiosk, or restaurant in the airport
  • Airport authority 
  • A private party whose negligence directly caused your injury
  • Airport’s owner if privately owned

Allen Law Firm, P.A. will identify the negligent parties who caused your injuries and do everything possible to hold them accountable.

What Types of Injuries Occur in Trip and Fall Accidents at Airports?

In a trip and fall accident at an airport, a number of injuries are possible, including:

  • Facial and dental injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Fractures and breaks in bones
  • Bruises and lacerations
  • Eye injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Head and neck trauma
  • Dislocation and injury to joints

These injuries can occur anywhere inside the airport. Our Gainesville trip and fall attorneys will help you recover compensation for all of your injuries.

What Types of Damages Can I Recover for My Gainesville Airport Trip and Fall?

Slip and fall victims are entitled to two main forms of damages. You may be entitled to economic and non-economic damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • In-home care 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Reduced life quality
  • Loss of consortium

When your bills are handled, you can focus on healing. Let our qualified and knowledgeable Gainesville premises liability lawyers handle your airport trip and fall accident.

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