Gainesville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Gainesville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Too often, the large corporations running nursing homes prioritize profit over people.

If your loved one was a victim of nursing home abuse in Gainesville, FL, you may be entitled to significant compensation for medical bills and your pain and suffering. A skilled Gainesville nursing home abuse lawyer at Allen Law Firm, P.A. can help your family fight for justice. 

Our lawyers have been fighting to protect the vulnerable members of our community for nearly three decades. We’ve recovered millions in compensation for our clients over the years and are prepared to put our experience to work for you.

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How Allen Law Firm, P.A. Can Help if Your Loved One Was a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse in Gainesville, FL

How Allen Law Firm, P.A. Can Help if Your Loved One Was a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse in Gainesville, FL

It’s never easy to watch a loved one’s physical or mental capabilities deteriorate with age.

For most people, deciding to put a family member in a nursing home is a gut-wrenching choice. It’s usually a choice designed to keep that loved one safe.

Unfortunately, nursing homes don’t always provide the care you expect. Abuse and neglect are shockingly common in facilities nationwide. Despite this, it can be hard to prove that your loved one was a victim. It can be even more difficult to prove that the nursing home was responsible. At Allen Law Firm, P.A., our Gainesville personal injury lawyers are here to help you hold nursing homes and their employees accountable. 

We’ll fight for your family by:

  • Launching an in-depth investigation to find the evidence we need to back up your claim
  • Working with experts and specialists who can help us understand the full impact of the abuse
  • Demanding the maximum available compensation from all responsible parties
  • Fighting for your rights at trial if necessary

It’s estimated that approximately 5 million elderly Americans are abused each year. If your loved one was a victim, you don’t have to stand back and let the nursing home get away with it. Our Gainesville personal injury attorneys have over 100 years of experience between us. We’ll do everything we can to get the fair compensation you deserve.

Overview of Nursing Home Abuse

Overview of Nursing Home Abuse

Thousands of Florida residents live in nursing homes and long-term care facilities throughout the state.

State and federal regulations outline the basic standard of care that these facilities are required to provide.

When you make the difficult decision to place your loved one in a nursing home, you have the right to expect they’ll be safe–physically, mentally, and socially. 

We Handle All Types of Nursing Home Abuse Cases in Gainesville

At Allen Law Firm, P.A., we’re dedicated to getting justice for victims of nursing home abuse in Gainesville

We handle cases involving all types of nursing home abuse, including:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can include hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, and other rough handling of the nursing home resident. Many seniors are especially reluctant to report physical abuse in a care facility. For some, the abuse is so humiliating and degrading that they’re unable to report the abuse even to close family members.

Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Emotional abuse can be as devastating as physical abuse. Emotional abuse can include threats, intimidation, humiliation, and even intentional isolation. Nursing home staff members can also intentionally engage in psychological abuse by withholding food, water, and medications.

Sexual Abuse 

Nursing home residents are especially susceptible to sexual abuse–especially if the victim suffers from dementia or a similar disease. These victims are often unable to fight off their aggressors–and some might not even realize they’re being abused.

Financial Exploitation

Elderly nursing home residents are also often prime targets for financial abuse. Financial exploitation can include outright theft, unauthorized use of your loved one’s credit cards, or changes to a will or beneficiary designation to a life insurance policy, retirement account, or other policy.


Some nursing homes simply don’t invest the funds necessary to safely run the facility. When this happens, the residents can suffer from neglect due to understaffing and overworked, stressed-out caregivers.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse?

Signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse can vary depending upon the situation and type of abuse involved. Generally, signs to watch for include:

  • Frequent and/or unexplained injuries
  • Personality changes, including depression and withdrawal from social interactions
  • Unexplained weight loss, which can be a sign of malnutrition or dehydration
  • Infections
  • Bedsores (pressure ulcers)
  • Unexplained financial transactions
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Changes in hygiene 
  • Bruises around the genitals or inner thighs
  • Pelvic injuries
  • Panic attacks
  • Signs of physical restraint, including bruises on the wrists and ankles
  • Signs that your loved one is fearful of a nursing home employee

Nursing home abuse often goes unreported. Loved ones should always pay close attention to the signs of abuse and neglect–remembering that some of the signs of abuse might closely resemble general signs of aging. 

If you suspect your loved one has been a victim, it’s important to take steps to prevent any ongoing abuse. You can call local law enforcement officials or report abuse to the Department of Elder Affairs, either online or by calling 1-800-962-2873.

What are the Long-Term Consequences of Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse can have serious long-term consequences. Many victims of abuse live in ongoing fear.

They’re often afraid to ask nursing home staff members for what they need–because they might risk retaliation if they create difficulties for the employees.

Some of the more serious consequences of nursing home abuse and neglect include:

  • Medical problems caused by dehydration, malnutrition, and lack of access to proper medical care
  • Fall injuries
  • Infections caused by unsanitary conditions, bedsores, or untreated injuries
  • Severe depression and anxiety
  • Shortened life expectancy
  • Wrongful death

Older nursing home residents are much more susceptible to suffering serious physical injuries if they’re abused or neglected. A fall can lead to traumatic brain injuries. Medication errors can cause a stroke. Catching abuse in the early stages is key to preventing some of the more serious long-term consequences that victims might suffer.

What Causes Most Nursing Home Abuse Cases in Gainesville, Florida?

Ultimately, nursing home abuse is often caused by a lack of oversight by the company that runs the facility. Some of the common causes of nursing home abuse in North Central Florida include:

  • Understaffing
  • Negligent hiring practices
  • Inadequate training
  • Failure to supervise nursing home staff members
  • Medication errors
  • Negligent security
  • Inadequate supervision of residents
  • Abuse by another nursing home resident
  • Withholding food, water, clean clothes, or medical care

If a nursing home is understaffed and poorly run, it can create a dangerous environment for all residents. At Allen Law Firm, P.A., our Gainesville nursing home abuse attorneys will investigate to find out who’s responsible for your loved one’s injuries–so that you can focus on your family’s recovery.

What is My Gainesville Nursing Home Abuse Case Worth?

Every injury case is unique. The value will depend on a number of things, including the actual financial costs you incurred because of the abuse. 

The following issues may be important:

  • The type of abuse involved
  • Whether liability is clearly established
  • The types of treatment required to treat the symptoms of abuse
  • The extent of your loved one’s pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Whether your loved one suffered any long-term damage

If you have questions about how much your personal injury case is worth, call us today. We’ll sit down and discuss the factors that may be most relevant in your case.

What Types of Damages Are Available to Nursing Home Abuse Victims?

If your loved one was the victim of nursing home abuse, you have the right to hold the nursing home accountable–regardless of whether the facility itself was negligent or acted intentionally.

The types of damages available in your personal injury case depends on the severity and type of abuse involved.

You may be entitled to economic damages to cover the costs of:

  • The medical costs to treat any physical injuries or illness caused by the abuse
  • Emotional counseling
  • The cost of relocating your loved one to a safe facility
  • Financial restitution in cases involving financial abuse

Your family may also be entitled to non-economic damages for:

If your loved one lost their life because of the abuse, we could also help your family recover compensation for wrongful death.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit for Nursing Home Abuse in Florida?

In most Florida nursing home abuse cases, you have two years to file a lawsuit. This time limit is called the statute of limitations. It’s important because if you miss the deadline, you also lose your right to compensation.

The statute of limitations typically begins to run on the date you discovered the injuries–or reasonably should have discovered the injuries. If you have questions about the deadline, don’t hesitate to call and learn more about our legal services today.

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Abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is woefully underreported in the U.S.. If someone in your family was hurt, don’t let the facility off the hook. Call an experienced Gainesville nursing home abuse lawyer for a free case review today.

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