Silver Springs Pedestrian Accident Lawyer 

Silver Springs Pedestrian Accident Lawyer 

Pedestrian accidents are increasing across the nation. More pedestrians were killed in 2022, the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in over 40 years. Pedestrians are dying in traffic accidents more than all other traffic deaths.

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident in Silver Springs, FL, you could be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries. However, the insurance company and the at-fault driver may challenge your claim, making it difficult for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

At Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, our Silver Springs pedestrian accident lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience in personal injury and insurance law. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients, earning us a lifetime membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

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How Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers Can Help You After a Pedestrian Accident in Silver Springs

How Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers Can Help You After a Pedestrian Accident in Silver Springs

Pedestrian accident cases in Silver Springs, FL, can be challenging.  The driver and their insurance company often blame the pedestrian for the accident. Even though drivers have a duty of care and pedestrians often have the right of way, people must follow general traffic and pedestrian laws when crossing the road.

Our Silver Springs pedestrian accident lawyers are prepared for this tactic. We understand how insurance companies fight claims and the tricks they use to take advantage of accident victims. We have former claims managers, insurance defense attorneys, and insurance adjusters on our team, so we know how insurance companies treat claims.

When you hire our top-rated Silver Springs personal injury lawyers, you can trust we will:

  • Investigate your pedestrian accident to determine how the accident occurred
  • Gather evidence proving the driver and/or other parties were at fault for the cause of your injuries
  • Work with leading experts in various fields to gather additional evidence to support your claim
  • Assess how much your pedestrian accident case is worth by carefully documenting your losses and damages
  • Verify insurance coverage, file insurance claims, and negotiate fair insurance settlements
  • File a personal injury lawsuit and argue your case to a jury if that is in your best interests

At Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, our Silver Springs personal injury attorneys have been recognized nationally for their legal expertise. We have awards and top ratings from prestigious legal organizations, including the American Institute of Personal Injury, The National Trial Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell.

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Common Injuries Caused by Pedestrian Accidents in Silver Springs, FL

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, they have no protection from injuries. Their bodies receive the full force of the impact with the vehicle. Additionally, they could be crushed between the car and another object or thrown a great distance.

As such, the injuries from a pedestrian accident can be catastrophic. The injuries often result in life-altering impairments and disabilities. 

Pedestrian accident injuries our lawyers handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Internal organ damage
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Amputations and loss of limbs
  • Crushed, fractured, and broken bone
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Crushing injuries

It is crucial that you seek immediate medical treatment after a pedestrian accident. Most pedestrians require emergency medical services after being struck by a vehicle. If you can walk away from an accident, you still need to see a doctor. The crash could have caused internal injuries, or you may experience delayed symptoms.

Prompt medical treatment improves your chances of recovery. It also helps with a personal injury case. You must prove the crash caused your injuries. Seeking immediate medical treatment provides evidence to link your injuries to the crash.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Silver Springs, FL?

Negligence is often a factor in pedestrian accidents in Florida. A driver, pedestrian, or other party fails to use reasonable care or follow traffic laws. This could result in a tragic accident.

However, other factors could contribute to the cause of a pedestrian accident, including the weather, road conditions, and malfunctioning vehicles. Poorly designed intersections and crosswalks may also play a role in the cause of a pedestrian accident.

Common reasons for pedestrian accidents in Silver Springs include:

  • Drunk and drugged driving
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Following too closely or tailgating
  • Distracted driving
  • Failing to yield the right of way and/or following traffic signals
  • Fatigued and drowsy driving
  • Defective or malfunctioning brakes
  • Road rage and aggressive driving
  • Defectively designed intersections and poorly maintained roads

Parties that contribute to the cause of the pedestrian accident can be held liable for damages. We thoroughly investigate your accident to identify all parties that could be liable. We pursue claims against each party to maximize your recovery for damages.

How Do I Prove Fault for a Pedestrian Accident in Florida?

The injured party has the burden of proving the other party caused their injuries. Generally, you must prove that the other driver had a duty to use reasonable care while operating their vehicle, but they breached the duty of care. Their conduct was the cause of the accident that resulted in your injuries.

Evidence used to prove fault for a pedestrian accident may include:

  • Traffic cam video or other surveillance video
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Physical evidence from the accident scene and the vehicle
  • Medical records
  • Statements by the parties involved in the case
  • Expert witness testimony and opinions

Building a solid case to prove fault and liability for a pedestrian accident can be time-consuming and expensive. Our legal team at Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers devotes our considerable resources to gathering evidence to build a strong case.

What Damages Are Available for a Silver Springs Pedestrian Accident Case?

The damages you receive for a pedestrian accident claim depend on your injuries and other factors. Florida tort laws provide for economic and non-economic damages for personal injury cases. 

Examples of the damages in a pedestrian accident case include:

Florida also permits punitive damages in some personal injury lawsuits. You must prove that the driver acted with gross negligence or intentional misconduct to receive punitive damages.

Our Silver Springs pedestrian accident lawyers will work with you to document your damages. We also work with experts as necessary to evaluate future damages, pain, and suffering.

Can I Receive Damages for a Pedestrian Accident if I’m Partially to Blame?

Florida has adopted a modified comparative negligence standard for dividing damages in a personal injury case. As of March 24, 2023, if you are more than 50% to blame for causing your accident, you cannot recover any damages. However, that bar only applies to cases after that date.

If you are less than 50% at fault or your case occurred before March 24, 2023, you can receive damages if you are partially at fault. However, the amount you receive is based on your level of blame.

For example, if you are 20% to blame for causing a pedestrian accident, your compensation is reduced by that amount. So, suppose you were awarded $1 million for a pedestrian accident, but you are 20% at fault. Instead of receiving the full amount of the award, you would only receive $800,000 (20% less than the full amount).

Our Silver Springs pedestrian accident lawyers aggressively defend our clients against allegations of comparative fault. We know insurance companies try to shift blame for the accident to the victim, so we are prepared for this tactic.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Silver Springs, FL?

Our attorneys at Allen Law Accident & Injury Lawyers take cases based on a contingency fee. We are paid a percentage of what we recover in your case. If we don’t win, we are not paid. With a contingency fee, you do not pay any money upfront to hire our law firm.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit in Silver Springs, FL?

Florida changed the statute of limitations for most negligence-based personal injury cases as of March 24, 2023. The change reduced the deadline to file lawsuits from four years to two years for cases arising on or after March 24, 2023. Claims based on other causes of action could have longer deadlines.

However, the facts of your case and exceptions to the general rule could shorten or extend the time to file a personal injury lawsuit. Because a court can dismiss a lawsuit filed after the statute of limitations expires, it is best to act quickly to protect your rights. Call our office now to speak with an attorney about your case.

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