Cycling Safety Tips For Spring

Cycling is growing in popularity around the country. According to estimates, the number of cyclists in the U.S. has grown to over 47 million. While this increase is great for the overall health of Americans, it also puts more cyclists on the roadways.

As the number of cyclists has increased, so has the number of deaths from cycling. According to the National Safety Council, 704 deaths from cycling were attributed to motor vehicle crashes in 2016.

With Bike Month right around the corner (May), it is important for both cyclists and drivers to understand the safety tips for cycling.

Wear A Helmet

While this is not an innovative or new concept, it is still one of the most important things to remember. Wearing a helmet while cycling can reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 60%.

Inspect Your Bike Regularly

When cycling, the most important tool you have is your bike. Flat tires, popped chains and loose handlebars can all cause you to end up in a traffic lane with oncoming vehicles. Before you head out on a ride, you should always inspect your bike to make sure everything is in working order.

With a lot of people getting their bikes out for the first time in spring, now is the perfect time to get a tune up to make sure you bike is in prime condition for the season ahead.

Use Reflective Materials

This is true for both the bike and your attire. The bike should be equipped with reflectors on the pedals and spokes. You should also wear bright clothing that has some reflective material on it whether you are riding during the day or at night.

Know The Traffic Laws

On the road, bicycles are considered vehicles and must follow the same rules as motorists. You should know all traffic laws and be familiar with the rules that apply to cyclists specifically, including hand signals that should be used.

Cycling accidents can cause serious injuries and result in death. Knowing and understanding the traffic laws and safety tips for safe cycling is the best way to protect everyone on the roadways.

In the cases when cycling accidents do happen, it is important to hire a professional Florida bicycle accident attorney to handle your case.

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