Rear-End Car Accident Injuries and Ways That You Can Recover

Unfortunately, rear-end automobile collisions are very common events. They sometimes happen when one car is sitting still at an intersection and the other strikes from behind. Other times, a sudden attempted stop can result in a car crash when one vehicle is following another too… read more

Nine Factors That Determine How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

Are you trying to settle a car accident claim in Florida? If so, there are some things that you need to know about car accident settlements. Many factors can impact how much compensation you might receive for your car accident settlement. Some factors can increase… read more

What’s Causing Neck & Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

When two or more vehicles slam into each other, the collision creates an enormous force. That much force on a person’s body can cause numerous injuries. Car accident injuries can cause chronic pain, limited function, and long-term impairments.  The neck and back are vulnerable to… read more

Secret Tips for Accident Claims Against GEICO REVEALED!

Unless you have been living in a media vacuum for the past ten years, you are probably familiar with GEICO auto insurance. They boast one of the largest television advertising budgets of any domestic company. Their ad campaigns include the wise-talking gecko, the absurdist cavemen,… read more

Understanding MCS-90 in Everyday Terms

Most people have no clue what MCS-90 means. In fact, many have never even heard the term. Those familiar with the concept are individuals who work in the commercial trucking industry and the insurance providers who cover them.  Often, people only find out about MCS-90… read more

Are Hidden Nanny Cams Actually Legal in Florida?

Of course, concerned parents have a right to set up surveillance cameras to protect their children and their property, right? We’ve all seen the yard signs warning that “this home is protected” by security systems.  But what about hidden cameras that record a babysitter or… read more

Blunt Force Head Trauma – Cause And Effect

Individuals can sustain a variety of injuries in a Gainesville accident. Head trauma is one of the most common types of accident injuries. They can also be some of the worst and most debilitating injuries you can sustain in an accident.  Blunt force head trauma… read more

Teen Driving Laws in Florida: What Every Teen and Parent Needs to Know

Like many states, Florida has adopted a graduated licensing program and only issues driver’s licenses to teenagers who meet certain conditions. While many jurisdictions now use graduated licensing programs, details and requirements can vary from state to state.  And, given that some of the conditions… read more

Types of Car Accident Injuries

When a vehicle collides with another vehicle or an object, the vehicle stops suddenly. The vehicle occupants continue moving until they are stopped by a safety restraint, or hit another object, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, window, or the vehicle’s frame. Passengers who are… read more

How Safe Are Motor Scooters in Ocala?

Motor scooters have become more popular, especially in urban areas where traffic congestion and parking can be challenging. Motor scooters cost less to operate and maintain than a vehicle, and can be more convenient than public transportation. For longer trips, a motor scooter is more… read more