How Likely Are You to Get in a Motorcycle Accident in Gainesville, FL?

Beautiful sunny weather year-round makes Gainesville the perfect location to use a motorcycle as your primary vehicle. Whether they are daily work commuters or weekend adventurers taking a leisurely ride up the coast, motorcycle riders are common along Gainesville’s streets and highways. 

With so many motorcycle operators — more than 7,400 registered owners in Alachua County alone — just how safe is it to ride a bike in Gainesville?

Dangers Motorcycle Drivers Face

Motorcycles lack the protective metal shell that a car or truck provides, so when there’s a collision between the two vehicles, the motorcycle driver is often injured much worse than the occupants of the car or truck. 

Motorcycles also face other dangers on the road:

  • Drivers have limited visibility
  • Potholes pose a higher accident risk
  • Uneven heights between lanes jeopardize stability
  • Gravel and debris on pavement can cause drivers to skid

Because of the additional dangers, motorcycle drivers often need a higher level of skill than car drivers to operate their vehicles. 

Even with additional safety training, driving a bike is still more dangerous than a car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 5,500 motorcycle drivers died in road accidents in 2020.

How Risky Is It to Drive a Motorcycle?

Per miles traveled, motorcycle drivers are 28 times more likely to be involved in a crash than car drivers and four times more likely to be injured in a crash than the car driver and their passengers. 

There are about 7.7 million automobiles registered in Florida, compared to just over 617,000 motorcycles. The relatively few motorcycles account for quite a lot of accident injuries, so all drivers should use caution and watch for vulnerable two-wheeled vehicles sharing the road.

Sadly, Florida led the nation in motorcycle fatalities in 2019, with a sharp drop-off of more than 25% between it and the next-highest state, California. 

Motorcycle riders in Florida are more likely to get into a wreck, be injured, and succumb to those injuries than riders just about anywhere else in the country. And the more miles a motorcycle operator drives, the higher their chances of being one of these tragic statistics.

Factors Increasing Motorcycle Accident Risks

Warmer areas tend to have higher instances of motorcycle crashes and injuries than colder areas since the riding season is longer or year-round. 

Other risks Florida drivers have that motorcyclists in other states may not face include the larger number of tourists and out-of-town drivers. Many visitors may be paying more attention to finding their hotel or entertainment destination and are less likely to notice the smaller motorcycle nearby. 

Additionally, Florida is a haven for snowbirds — elderly drivers whose reflexes may not be as sharp and who could be less likely to successfully avoid a crash with a bike.

Some other considerations for motorcycle safety include:

  • More than half of the people killed in a motorcycle crash were aged 40 or older
  • Women accounted for 10% of motorcycle crash deaths but 89% of motorcycle passenger deaths
  • 41% of motorcycle drivers who died were not wearing a helmet
  • 50% of motorcycle passengers who died weren’t wearing a helmet

The most likely type of bike to be involved in a crash had a mid-sized engine with maximum speed. Furthermore, according to the Insurance Journal, first-year motorcycle drivers are the most likely to be involved in an accident.

Know the Risks of Motorcycle Driving and What To Do After a Collision in Gainesville, FL

Riding a motorcycle in Florida can be a lot of fun, but it can turn dangerous quickly. Wear a helmet at all times, whether you’re a passenger or driver, and practice defensive driving to avoid a collision. And when the unthinkable happens, make sure to consult a Gainesville motorcycle accident lawyer who can help protect your rights.

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