Best Motorcycle Routes in Ocala, Florida

The beauty of Florida’s coastal areas attracts motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country. Whether people are visiting the clear, warm waters or vacationing at their favorite theme park, Florida has a little bit of something for everyone.

However, if you take a motorcycle route through the state, planning ahead will allow you to maximize your time and enjoy life to the fullest. To help you with that, here are some of the best motorcycle routes in Ocala, Florida.

Ocala Forest Loop

If scenic views are your thing, you need to check out the Ocala Forest Loop. This incredible stretch is located just outside of Orlando and provides breathtaking views of Florida’s lakes, wetlands, and forests. If you are an early riser, you’ll appreciate how gorgeous it is in the mornings. 

In addition to scenic views, the route is a hidden gem, meaning you’re likely to have most of it to yourself throughout the day. So if you’re the kind of rider who appreciates their solitude, this is the road for you.

If you’re a fan of nature, you might even see a few black bears along the route, so make sure to bring your camera. Additionally, the route contains several picnic areas and campgrounds. This makes it a great place to travel with some close friends. Just bring a couple of tents, and you’ve got a whole weekend of fun ahead of you.

Scenic views and camping aside, the Ocala Forest Loop is close to several shops with delectable food selections. Many of these places are just off the main road. So if you’re driving by, stop there and get a taste of some of the local dishes.

Ozello Trail

Ozello Trail may only be ten miles, but it is sure to hold some of the most beautiful mileage you will ever see. This winding route is located in Crystal River and is known as one of the most beautiful spots the Sunshine State offers. 

If you start at US Route 19 and turn right onto Ozello Trail, you can head toward the Gulf of Mexico and see all the beautiful trees along the way.

Like the Ocala Forest Loop, Ozello Trail is an ideal place to watch wildlife and interact with nature. The abundance of sawgrass makes it a perfect hunting ground for various birds, including kingfishers, ospreys, and owls. If you like to fish, this is the route for you. Many visitors love to come to this spot to kayak and fish for trout.

If you get hungry during your journey, you can stop at Ozello Community Park for a rest and a snack. The park has a small picnic ground that overlooks a beautiful wetland area and is adjacent to a local seafood restaurant.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the most popular motorcycle routes in central Florida. It consists of dense, wooded areas and scenic curves that give you plenty of opportunities to soak up the landscape. Once you reach the mountain’s top, you’ll have a breathtaking view of Lake Apopka and the Orlando skyline.

Be Careful and Safe on Your Motorcycle Trip in Ocala, Florida

When heading out for a motorcycle ride, keeping safety at the forefront of your mind is important. Always wear a helmet and protective gear, and always obey the rules of the road. 

Additionally, treat other riders and drivers with the same degree of dignity and respect with which you would expect them to treat you. The last thing you want to interrupt your relaxing ride is a motorcycle accident.

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