The Allen Law Firm is a personal injury firm located in Gainesville and Ocala, Florida and serving the surrounding areas in North Central Florida.

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At Allen Law Firm, we give our best to ensure your best. To us, clients are more than just schedules, payments, and claim numbers: they are the people we grow to know and love. We treat our clients like we would our family, which means we expend our utmost in time, energy, and services to secure your satisfaction. We understand that accidents do not only happen during regular business hours, so we operate on a 24-hour workday schedule and are ready to take your call at all times. When you come to us in your time of need, we assume the full responsibility of meeting those needs for you. Let us shoulder your struggles and leave you free to recover.

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Our Mission & Vision at the Allen Law Firm

At Allen Law Firm, we like to keep it simple. Two words serve as a guide for all our actions. At our firm, our clients are like family.

We strive to be the most dependable and compassionate personal injury law firm in Florida, employing extremely knowledgeable, experienced individuals to ensure that our clients receive fair compensation for the security of their health and comfort; to be guided by a deep commitment to client satisfaction with services that guarantee unbridled diligence, sincere empathy, and unwavering faithfulness; and to earn the highest regard and lasting approval of those we can assist and befriend.


Personal Injury Done Personally

Dealing with hospital bills and liability battles alone after suffering a personal injury only adds to the physical pain. Come to us to find a source of relief in the complicated aftermath.

Local Community Partners

Helping our community is foundational to what we do, so Allen Law Firm always gives back an annual portion of our profits to a variety of charities for the good of Alachua County.

Experienced Accident Attorneys

In the event of any accident, there are many ways you can be injured. No matter the cause of your injury, we have the experience to handle your case. We address all types of trauma with the same expert service and compassionate efficiency.

Gainesville and Ocala Law Firms

For us, two locations equal an exponential increase in the number of clients that we can assist and the scope of the community that we can serve. We want to be geographically close for everyone's convenience.
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